Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Earthquake....The First 72 Hours ( Updates)

Anderson Cooper on First 24 hours of Haiti Crisis::

Petionville ( Before and after photos show utter devastation)

Post below has much info on Relief Efforts and Information, I am mostly on Twitter right now, trying to relay tweets from people on ground to Media. That is where I feel I can help most.So my apologies that this blog is not updated enough. I will update blog this weekend with more Haiti information.
Friday in the afternoon CNN showed the most amazing footage of the people in Haiti keeping their spirits up, singing...chanting...really stunning.

So last night DrsanjayGupta and his crew went to see a Field Hospital that was set up caring for about 25 patients, and suddenly right before the story was to be aired by Anderson, the UN came and removed the Medical staff -siting security concerns. Do see the story linked her-astounding... Sanjay Gupta and his crew took care of these patients all night, as of 5am their generator went out,but they said they were doing ok.Thank you to Danielle as well for staying with them.
Boston Globe has more this am about how the Medical System has been overwhelmed.

I will update this post tomorrow.


Kittie Howard said...

Really sad how the UN said the Belgian docs had to leave; inspirational how Sanjay/crew stayed the night. My heart goes out to Haiti.

MysticBren said...

I am trying my best to help out.......I posted a page of links for live twitter and facebook feeds coming out of Haiti, sites to post missing loved one photos and search photos of survivors. There is even a site to volunteer to help sort and tag survivor photos and then match them to missing person photos.

enigma4ever said...

To both of you thank you so much for helping-very grateful...

Bren Parks said...

And on top of it all, they just got hit with another one today.....this one is a 6 magnitude.

Nothing is being on the networks, so I guess we are back to getting most of the information from tweets coming out of Haiti.

enigma4ever said...

Bren are you on twitter?
I am @watergatesummer- find me.

yes, 6.1 quake- they did not need...
and it is effecting communications too..

thanku for also worrying/caring for #haiti..

this will get worse before it gets better..

Bren Parks said...

Found and am following now......BrenParks there....