Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Occupy Amazing...( Occupy Music for the Week)

Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing

Occupy is still waking people up, making them think, work for change, create change...it is still a global movement...And yes, Winter in some ways has quieted the movement on some fronts...But Spring is Coming....Really Beautiful video...share it. Occupy Compassion. ( Sharing on the 99 Report on Blogtalkradio at 2PM Friday ) ( Posted Feb 23rd and reposting....)

I am watching Super Tuesday.I drove by some empty polling places today....and I have noticed that they are NO bumper stickers here, not one...

I don't care what anyone says but the 99 Percenters have been making a difference..waking folks up, and making them think.
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....

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Enigma4ever said...

dave dalton does the song Stand Up and Mean what we say