Friday, April 13, 2012

Radio Show for Friday April 13th : Guests Today are Tim Corrimal and Shane-O, and No Kid Hungry

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Today's Birthday Episode from the Radical Attic I am proud to have two Radio Greats Share their Progressive Insights and Wisdom in these Times. First we will have Tim Corrimal sharing at about 2:15 PM EST and then we have a break and the Newest Moment of Clarity from Lee Camp on his Solutions for UnEmployment, as well as some new Music from The Fold " We Must Speak " featuring the wisdom of MLK. ( Tim Corrimal found this amazing song, and in light of the ongoing Trayvon Martin Situation this song is poignant this week). Then we will be hearing from Daniel Gallai as he shares with us the ongoing work of NO KID HUNGRY and their ongoing projects raising funds and awareness about Childhood Hunger in America. And then at 3PM we have the amazing Shane-O on to talk about Progressive Radio ( sharing the latest about "Radio Or Not", "Talking Left" and more..). And other music today to close the show is "Amazing" by One Eskimo, and "Gotta Believe" by Sanara Pippens and TruNDeed, as well as "Hope In Hard Times" by John Clark.

(1) First Guest is the Amazing Tim Corrimal
I invited Tim on the program because he has such an amazing show that I listen to every week, and I wanted to personally thank him for his show, but also how he came up with such a creative show. On his show every week he hosts a Round Table of Sorts that has give new Voice to many Twitter Greats ( and also some known Bloggers). It has been amazing to actually HEAR folks that some of us have Followed on Twitter for years, but also meet new folks. And his show is in many ways like eavesdropping on a fine Cocktail Party of Smart Progressive Minds. And add to that Tim plays great Clips and music and offers up some great comedic moments, so there is laughter and wisdom all rolled into a great show. His Show is available podcasts on Stitcher and
iTunes as well. ( I confess his show is my guilty Monday Night Pleasure, but you can usually listen to it as it is up Sunday Nights.) Do follow him on Twitter at @timcorrimal and here is the LINK to his TimCorrimal.Com which is his SHOW page and has great LINKS and info, great to read while listening to the show.
#OccupyCompassion Today ::::

(2) No Kid Hungry guest Daniel Gallai is calling in at 2:45 PM EST on to talk about this fine Organization and their ongoing projects and work to raise Awareness and funds to help Fight Childhood Hunger here in America. This is also my Occupy Compassion Segment today. Jeff Bridges is one of the Leading Members of their Team and their Spokesperson.

(3) My other Progressive Guest today is known and loved in the Progressive Circles is Shane-O, Shane Furnam and @FunkedinDaHead and also @TalkingLeft on Twitter. He is on "Radio or Not" with the wonderful @LeftNeckChick ( Danielle), and their Show is Talking Left on Wednesday Nights ( he is the producer and cohost of this great progressive show. He also guest hosts for Nicole Sandler when she is on assignment. He has also produced for : Produced for so many Greats :
John Fugelsang – The Sexy Liberal Show “World Tour”, The Stephanie Miller Show, Funked in the Head, Left in Dixie, Turn Up the Night. Produced for The Nicole Sandler Show, The Leslie Marshall Show, The Thom Hartmann Program, The Bill Press Show (Karl Frisch, guest host). Audio and video production for Blunt TV (of The I invited him on to share some of his Progressive Radio Wisdom and stories.

You Can find more of his Work here :
(1) Shane
(2) Talking (Broadcast on Radio Or Not, Progressive Blend Radio, SoFloRadio)
(3) Radio Or Not .com ( especially when he hosts for her).

It 's My Birthday this this is my Birthday Episode....Please give to SPLC or No Kid Hungry or ACLU or Doctors Without Borders... These fine organizations are where I give every year as a way to celebrate....
Next Week's Show is also a Must Listen, there will be Sara Robinson from Alternet talking about her VISIONS page, and then a Gulf Advocate sharing on the 2 year Anniversary of the Oil Spill and then a new author shares her book " Hot Mess" on Climate Change.

This is The Radical Attic where I do the Show every week and I am packing it up this week as my son and I plan to move this month to Brooklyn in NYC. He wants to go to school there and study Film and History at Brooklyn College. This has been his Dream for many years and I am going with him as NYC is too big for him to live there alone. This is a BIG Move for us, and as UnderEmployed Nurse / Writer/Researcher it's proving very challenging. So if Anyone knows a Wonderful Landlord I have impeccable references and as well as references from my current Landlord of 5 years. If anyone wants to share information about a wonderful Neighborhood or other Brooklyn Information please find me on Twitter @watergatesummer or come to my Main Blog, Watergate Summer.

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