Sunday, February 04, 2007

When Hell Freezeth Over...

I am up here by the Great Lakes experiencing something that is called The Artic Blast. That means that it is FREEZING, I have been waking to Negative Temperatures ( which I don't understand- does that mean we OWE Warmth to Someone?). With Windchills that makes it like 20-30 below Zero.The weather people, who I trust, can't seem to come up with the last Dates of such Consectutive Cold Weather,but they think it was atleast 11 years ago. I find it interesting that they won't admit that such a Long Lasting Blast is not Normal.Gee, I can only wonder is this a Side Effect of Global Warming.

How cold is it ? Well, I sneezed and thought I had dropped my Keys. ( Because of the crackling noise it made). It is so cold that I can not let Lilly pee squatting , because she will be stuck to the little icey snow mounds. It is so cold that during the move I bashed the hell out of my knee and Never felt it- until later when I looked down and realized that I had a giant purple lump on my knee- that I never felt, until I was inside hours later. It was astounding, I used to live in New England, and I don't ever remember experiencing Weather like this....

Now This is not the Ideal Week/Weekend to move.And the Blast Hit Mid Move, meaning the Big stuff got moved just in the Nick of time, but the FOOD and the TV etc were at the old place. So 6-6 and I have been hanging at the old place, trying to figure out how to move the last odds and ends. People with Dead thyroids and heart" issues" are not supposed to be out running around with boxes in the snow and ice and Negative Temps....So It has created an interesting circumstance, or a new kind of Urban Camping. We have lawn cushions set up in front of the little gas fireplace here at the old Place and it is very cozy. And we have Hot coco and tea and chili, so we are really very lucky,

Anyways, The Cable and the Internet is supposed to be hooked up at the New Place tomorrow and maybe it will be up to FIVE tomorrow. We might even wake with Temps above Zero. Wow, that will be exciting. Thank you for letting me grumble about the Artic Blast. I know there are people that have it worse, but I needed to grumble.

**** Song is Boston by Augustana , to warm your soul****


Peacechick Mary said...

I think they need to come up with another name for Global Warming - maybe severe climatic changes or something. You poor thing, having to move in all that. Stay as warm as possible and indoors too.

Spadoman said...

Sorry E4E, wish I was there to help you move, but we're trying to keep warm over here on the West end of the Great Lakes. Hope you warm up soon.


enigma4ever said...

Peacechick: will be fine..I just needed to be grumpy about it....How about GLOBAL HELL?? does that work?

Spado: hey there- well, it's cold over your way too....Hope we all warm up soon....thanks for the thoughts- it will be be okay...once I have had a good grump I am much better...

D.K. Raed said...

hey grumble away, you've earned a good grumble. anyone who'd move during that weather is one tough hombre (hombra? is there such a word?). it sounds just awful.

peacechickmary is right, a better phrase is climate change. Scientists understand this, but regular layfolk only hear "warming". Global warming encompasses erratic & sometimes abrupt climate swings.

But thinking of you there freezing to the point of not being able to feel an injury, now that's beyond erratic. I sure hope your deep freeze defrosts soon & you get a glorious spring. you deserve it! ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

Hey DK:
well...thank you for letting me grumble...I am a tough hombre or hombra ( sounds good to me) all are right, Global Warming sounds so warm and tonight on the News the weather guy says that it was the 70's the last time we had such a Deep Freeze....ahhhh- ha...

And WHY ? do they send these poor reporters out in the cold to report HOW cold it is ?????and explain about Frostbite and hypothermia..It just seems so cruel...

okay I am climbing back under my grumbling blankets....

Anonymous said...

I remember cold like that in Minnesota. Just after I moved from Texas I remember a Minneapolis weatherman saying something like, "It's 40 below there with the windchill dontcha know. So you might not want to go out." And I thought, MIGHT! Not want to go out. God's teeth what was I thinking in moving here?!

Stay warm.

dada said...

Oh Enigma, What can I offer to make you feel better? That after a cold spell with nights in the 20's and days in the 40's here, it's suppose to be in the low 70's here by Wednesday. (Yay, SHORTS WEATHER!)

Nah, that's probably not it, is it?

Stay warm, dear friend, knowing the upcoming revolution needs you! (And 6-6)

enigma4ever said...

Dada: Put on your flipflops and click your heels three times and say " The Artic Freeze Must End", and yes you may wear your mos festive shorts....don't worry 6-6 and I will be there when the Pots and Pans are long as we get through this Cold Spell...
( there is like 8 states suffering this Hell) ...thanks for my grumble spell..

Kvatch: And the Moral of the Story you just tols is that you LEFT Minnnesota -right??? Yup they still send the Weatherpeople outside and they shiver and say HOW cold it is and that there are hypothermia dangers....OMG..WHY???? Stop the Insanity...

Okay....back to urban camping....I have made an executive decision, we are having Smores' for breakfast......And just so anyone knows there is no such thing as too much Hot Chocolate....ever...

D.K. Raed said...

E, perhaps while your teeth are chattering, you could pass along useful info on HOW you manage to train a female dog not to squat to pee? when we lived in Spokane (snow-can), our poor little whippet could only go under the balcony by the woodpile. Everywhere else was icicles. She had to put on her red sweater, doggie windbreaker & little booties just to go outside. Needless to say, we did not last long there.

Those weather reporters are crazy! Remember that guy who hung onto a streetlight blowing him sideways in a Florida hurricane? Listen, at this point, I'm just hoping your power doesn't go out. Or that you've stocked up on those camping pull-tab sock & glove warmers if it does.

TV news said it's so cold in Toledo, they had to shut down the ice rink? WTF? Oh yumm, s'mores for breakfast! ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

Everything is shit down, schools, some businesses, and stores....and yes the news is telling people not go outside- like I have to be persuaded at this Ice Rink shut down- that is priceless...

Power- so far so good..keep my frozen little toes crossed...

Coffee Messiah said...

Having moved from SF 11 yrs ago, I don't mind snow. People here complain, but it's never so much as to bother you really.
But here too, it's been below zero and further with the wind chill.
4:35am it's -4, not counting the wc.
Good luck on the move and warm thoughts to you too! ; )

The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

I have to tell you, I love your politics and your passion, but you are a terrible ambassador for the cold winter weather states!

I'm a weather wimp, having grown up in California, even the mild Seattle winters get me down. But still, every once in a while I entertain the idea of moving to the Northeast or maybe even the Great Lakes region. Thanks for reminding me what a bad idea that would be for me.

Good luck on your move and I hope you make it back to the online world soon. Your voice is always missed.

justin barker said...

It was 34 below in my home town the other day.

Newsguy said...

Are people using those electric dipsticks they stick into their engine blocks...and then plug into a 110 outlet?

I remember when I was working in Buffalo that's the only thing that worked to help us get a car started in the morning. It kept your engine just warm enough to turn over in subzero temperatures.

Anonymous said...

If there is an argument against climate change it is that the Great Lakes are always cold during this time of year and yes, what you are experiencing is normal. So normal in fact it has been given the name: arctic blast. Welcome, and hope you like the area.

dada said...

Kudos to Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio journalist who did her best to glibly dismiss global warming with a recent report from the deep frozen Northeast U.S. with something like, "There's sure no evidence of global warming here," illustrating either her attempt to be funny, or ignorance of precisely the extreme climate changes global warming can bring--hot OR COLD. ~Dada Katrina

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menopausal skin said...

Well, looks like the cold temperature is back on track. Usually there are some seasons to look forward in the coming months and not so cold at that time where Lily pee can squat now comfortably.