Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan Disaster Day 20 (3.31.11)

Reactors #3 Drone photo March 24th in photo above.
As you see these photos it raises many questions regarding the condition of the Fuel Ponds as well as the Core ( especially of #3 ). And these past few weeks when Tepco have been pouring water ( Sea Water) did this add to the hydrogen problems ? or the Explosions ? Did it strip the Zirconium Rods ?Looking at these photos are the actual Cooling ponds intact or even able to hold water ? Where is the water going that has been poured on the structures ? And the Steam and the Smoke that has been emitted does it have radiation ? Are any of the meters and gauges in the plant even working ? Was this the push to get the power back on , to get readings ? The push to spray water for cooling raises questions about the Water where is it supposed to go if there are no holding pens, drains or working pipes ? Looking at these photos we can understand why things like "Resin Tarps" or "Cement" are being examined. There are many more questions than answers as of Day 20.

Reactor #3 and #4 Drone Photo March 24th ( after multiple explosions, Steam events, heat, smoke? ) #3 had/has MOX fuel in actual reactor and also #4 has/had large amounts of spent fuel being stored on upper level ponds near the roof.
High Resolution Photos of the Reactors at Fukushima, were taken by Drone ( aerial photos really do show damage). (HatTip to @WaronErrorKos found these and they really illuminate the situation ). And these documents show what the aerials SHOULD look like, the aerial photos now mostly look like piles of shredded wheat- not real structures, where the cooling ponds are and where the condition of the containment vessels is questionable.

Video posted to Internet April 1st is Flyover Video ( Drone?) taken March24th, and has not been shown on Media that I am aware. 6 Minutes long, but first two minutes clearly show damage to Reactors 3 and 4 and also steam rising ,it shows the extensive damage.
Via AP : Updates from March 25th where Core Reactor Breach and Increased Radiation Levels are discussed

People seeing those photos might wonder if Cement is being considered. ( Anyone who remembers Chernobyl is silently asking that question).

(1) Here is more about Teams being sent to Japan to examine the Cement Option.
(2) And for anyone who wonders really ? See this See this google page....
(3) Do Look at these Photos and look at the AREVA documents what the reactors should look like inside and outside.
(4) BBC explains more about the problems at the different Units, and why cement is also being examined for entombing the Radioactive Water pooling onsite, including the water in basement of Unit #2.

This 2 min AP video clearly shows aerially some of the problems including the Pooling and puddling of Radioactive Water, also incudes info France sending help ( AREVA) and aid.
NISA updates for 3.31.11 ( click through and you can find some interesting tepco updates as well.
****This "data" from the plant , ( collected METI/NISA ) is interesting because if you go through the charts, carefully you learn that most of the readings are based on or or gathered with malfunctioning equipment. (Which raises questions as to whether most of the meters and equipment was damaged in the quake and tsunami, and the subsequent explosions.)****
JAIF Number52 release with updates on chart describing possible resin plan related to "dust control" and also raises some questions regarding the turbine.
Update #53 from 3.31.11 from JAIF raises more questions about the water being sprayed and where it is going as well as the condition of the spent fuel ponds.
Radiation Levels and Water Issues
New YorkTimes: Rising radiation levels outside Fukushima mean crisis far from over.
Radiation Detected in Plant Groundwater. (SNS Analytics) via Japan News daily
Radiation in Seawater NEW HIGH reported by NHK
From The Guardian Day 20, March 30th report on Rising Radiation in waters, Reactors Water, and Marine Life
America sending more Aid and Help ( Other than Cement Assessment Teams)
(1) CNN report has more details about 155 Member IRF Team (Marines) being sent CNN Day20 #fukushima IRF Team (155) headed to #japan (CNN) || (Beef from evac area found to have CS137,134 (500Xlimit))||VOA first to report about Special Team to arrive ( confirmed by Pentagon)
(2) America is also sending 7000 Military to assist with location bodies and Japanese and US militaries begin intensive three-day search for missing tsunami victims.
More News on the Situation from other angles:
(1) This Reuters article raises some interesting questions about TEPCO, Japan's government is reportedly going to taking control of the plant and part of Tepco to better deal with this situation and also the ongoing financal burden.
(2) Various articles in many papers gives the impression that Reactors 1-4 will be decomissioned, but it sounds like the fate of #5 and #6 are in question, which raises questions is someone at tepco have future plans for ANY reactors at the site ? Nuclear experts say it will take decades to decommission four stricken reactors at Fukushima plant. (yet again #5 and #6 future ?)
(3) Financial woes mount at TEPCO, operator of Fukushima nuclear plant. "Put simply, we are in a very tough situation" How much financial trouble is there ? Did Tepco have catastrophic Insurance in light of the Tsunami and earthquake risks ? How bad is it if the Japanese Government is willing to assume and shoulder some of the debt and responsibility.
Enigma Note: This post is written as we await more details and data , but much has been witheld over the past two weeks, so in light of that I started asking questions in this post. I am on Twitter @watergatesummer if you want more data. Later today I will be posting more info related to the Actual Japanese People and their situation as they cope with three disasters, and also more on Radiation and Health IssuesThis post will be updated on 4.1.11 as we learn more. Many Thanks for extra insights and help from @several_, @WaronErrorDkos @BillieRaven @Calfirenews and Mr.DownUnder
Background videos of What Damaged Reactors
Explosion of Reactor #3 SkyNews March 13th

March 12 Explosion of Reactor #1

March 14th Third Explosion : Which Reactors Involved ?


Fran said...

This started as a natural disaster (Quake/Tsunami), but now the Nuclear power plant is a man made disaster.
We don;t hear much about the "Radiation Refugees" people who had homes intact, who had to abandon them because of the failed nuclear power plant.
I can't imagine how stressful it is to have to live in a crowded gym with hundreds of people & no end in sight.
Tepco has really botched the response, as they say the workers stay in the reactor buildings for days, no showers, eating crackers & meals ready to eat on rations & sleeping on the floors.
These people should be airlifted to food, beds & showers daily.... Tokyo is up & running... they can get these workers decent meals & a way to clean up- at minimum. How wise is it to have your key workers at the highest risk, essentially running on empty?
Makes no sense.
Read an article that a lot of physical articles of stuff were pulled back out to sea & will begin to hit the west coast of the US shortly. Flotsom from the Tsunami.

enigma4ever said...

Hey Fran...
yes it is a domino effect, sadly the plant should never have been built there, but due to quakes and the Tsunami risks TEPCO should have updgraded the plant, they didn't ( they had warnings about it in the past 3 years) .....

But mostly they have botched the handling of it - pitiful level of transparency. But yes, they should have cared better for the workers, and they haven't. 179 have actually had medical care, for injuries and work related problems- it is how they are all doing....the weekend of the 20th or 12th there was signifigant explosions, and 2 workers are actually missing or killed and nothing has been said about them.....

you airlift idea sounds good, but sadly the radiation is too unsafe at this one can fly near Fukushima evac zone -that is why the photos are done by drone...I do think that there has to be a way....and the shower issue is critical due to the radiation...

The whole thing is mind boggling....and why did they wait so many days to put any kind of water on it ? and why didn't they ask for help right away...we may never know...

but the nuke disaster will determine the history of Japan and so many lives...tragic...