Friday, March 11, 2011

Radiation Information :: ( Cesium Exposure issues )

Child and family being checked for exposure while being evacuated from Fukushima area.
Enigma note: I ended up via Twitter sharing some basic simple Radiation Research- mostly advice for some Teachers, NGO's and Media in Japan or on route to Japan. I am not a Doctor or an expert on nuclear materials. Due to past research and work I do have a fair amount of information regarding Cesium and Accidental Exposure, as well as Disaster research. I will add to this post as I find more helpful data. I am sharing it as cesium is not a normal substance that Our News media or journalists cover. 3.12.11 2PM.
Advice for Media and NGO's going to Japan

** If possible do have Geiger Pens with you to monitor exposure as well as Medical people that can help you notice any radiation symptoms or effects***
(1)1 Do get baseline History if possible ( Hct, Hgb, and Thyroid studies) Really important for those on thyroid therapy to be in good control. Anyone with open wounds or suffering any immune compromised illness should not go to site. Also if one has liver or kidney issues, or heart issues or is on medications for clotting issues or disorders, they too may not go to site.Heart History is also very important ( baseline) and Potassium history ( as cesium interacts with people on potassium ).

(2) Do not take vitamins that have metals ( boron, copper,iron ) while on site as these absorb cesium. ( If upon return physician want one to on meds or preparations that chelate or absorb cesium that is a different situation ). This includes altering diet as well, no iron rich vitamins. Physicians might want to treat prophylactically with Iodine Tablets, if they do treat, make sure medical history is taken as those with Iodine or Shellfish Allergy can not take Iodine prep. Again critical that Thyroid Function be assessed before trip.

(3) DO hydrate, drink much water before during and after work at site to flush system of any exposure. ( This is a critical issue, and difficult especially as the Disaster zone water will not be available and may be contaminated, so do bring water with you.)

(4) Clothing: Do wear protective clothing and gear. Do not wear absorbant clothing, do wear clothing that will protect you, sturdy boots, Teflon jackets and do wear hat and do wear sunscreen on exposed skin, as that can be protective. Do not wear fiber clothing that absorbs heat or water ( ie cotton or wool will also absorb radiation ). Do also wear solid boots, steel toed or soled if you have them, the thicker the sole the better. Do know that after leaving assignment you might have to have clothes disposed of. ( Do not wear items you are emotionally attached to).

(5) If one suffers wound at the site CRITICAL that medical attention is sought immediately. If possible make sure to flush injury thoroughly with uncontaminated water/fluids. When reaching medical facility do ask if they can or do treat Radiation Contamination Injuries. ( It is important to understand that in an Earthquake zone there is so much debris that injuries are likely). (( For Cesium Absorption injuries may be treated with application of boron, ferrocyanide or chelation with Prussian Blue may be needed). Many medical facilities that treat Oncology patients are also equipped to also treat radiation exposure or illnesses.

(6) Be aware getting accurate timely information regarding exposure may be difficult, as corporate interests do not always guarantee transparency on this issue. ( The existing Power company has spotty safety record regarding being honest with the public.) So be sure to be calm and insistent regarding asking for your symptoms to be treated. Fluids and Hydration are critical, and should be supplied immediately. ( IV Fluids if any nausea ).

(7) Radiation Symptoms include some of the following : Headaches, Weakness, Lightheartedness, Dizziness, Feeling Hot and Flushed ( yet skin maybe warm,sticky,even clammy and pale).Also palpitations, and chest pain. Nausea and vomiting. If there is any Bruising or skin tears. Also if there is any bleeding from nose, gums or mouth , there must be immediate medical attention sought. Actually if any of these symptoms occur or happen together or alone Medical Attention must be sought.

More on Cesium Poisoning.



These are wonderful updates and important information Allie. In fact, although I've been tuning in with some of the networks; the information that you've provided here and how you've done it really brings home the magnitude of this event. Your focus on preventative measures as well as monitoring the collateral damages is right on point!
Shall link to your site on my blog.

enigma4ever said...

you are welcome Carolyn..sadly this is a historic event- so so many at risk.....let us hope that the Media starts to report better....people need this information

D.K. Raed said...

the nightmare of this disaster is overwhelming. good info.

many US cities and hospitals in my part of the country stockpile iodine in case of a radiation event. of course people would be clamboring for the iodine, but how many realize that if you've had a shellfish reaction, you cannot take iodine? in a disaster crisis, how much time are the dispensers of iodine going to spend on each person?

we are all downwinders!