Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Americans on Medicare and Medicaid Ever....( CS Monitor)

Do read the Article attached to the Title, it has some interesting stats and information that is worth seeing, especially as the Republicans keep pedding the idea that Medicare and Medicaid should be eliminated or removed, even though these are organized established Programs.

About 1.5 million fewer Americans had health insurance plans covered by their employers in 2010 than in 2009 – while 1.8 million more joined government insurance plans.The number of people covered by Medicaid, the government program for the poor, increased 1.5 percent to 48.6 million. Those covered by Medicare, the government program for the elderly, rose 2.1 percent to 44.3 million.
Meanwhile National Association of Free Clinics are seeing More Patients than Ever, please go to the Website and see how you can give to help your neighbors, in money or as a Volunteer, they are providing much needed care around the Country.

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Enigma4ever said...

If you look at these numbers, 48 Million on Medicaid, and 44 Million on Medicare ....

and then we have over 50 Million Uninsured ( because as of 2010 the known number of UnInsured was over 49million, and this article says that has increased.)

The real Question to ask is between Govt Employees and the VA System how many are getting Govt subsidized care ?

If you look at these numbers, the Number of Private Insurance Patients is actually smaller than we know....and clearly shows the Current System is Descriminating against the Poor and the UnEmployed and even Working Poor....