Saturday, October 01, 2011

OccupyWallstreet and The Brooklyn Bridge Arrests...

A March was affiliated with OccupyWallstreet, although there are some different stories about who organized it. Per my sources in NYC it was to be a Poverty March, but when they got to the Bridge things became complicated as to what the plan was. Sadly the Police appeared to have maneuvered them off the path into the street and then Kettled them with the Orange Netting and basically trapped them on the roadway. Then they proceeded to arrest them, there were a total of 700 Arrests per The Guardian and BBC. American Media failed miserably covering this Mass Arrest. ( CNN kept airing Piers Morgan interviewing Jermaine Jackson over and over again.) Those of us who watched it unfold via Twitter while the Media Blacked it out tried to stream photos and video that came through. Mobile Broadcast News from OccupyWallstreet also kept people informed.
Mobile Broadcast News is a wonderful LIVESTREAM site that really shows what is going on.
The Arrests ( from LIVESTREAM)

JP Morgan Chase gave the Police Money-is this a Conflict of Interest or do we call this Hired Guns ?
Occupy Together Website
More details from the Daily Gotham..

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