Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Today about was an amazing Speech..

This was by far this best HCR speech yet...and really amazing how he talks about us-all of us and How we NEED HCR....

It reminded me of this...2004 Highlights of the Convention.....we all Knew then ,....He is trying to stand up for us...

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Fran said...

Oh boy~ what a circus it is in the house session today. They have dubbed it "Health Care Sunday".
Just heard a few of the opening statements in the debate-- it seems like the 2 sides of the aisle on different planets.
One side would have us believe this is a "loss of freedom", while the other side is talking about "saving lives".

The chairperson seems to be running a kindergarten class... keeps having to remind people to be quiet & keep the house in order.

Oh jeez!