Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today HCR Law was signed into History.....

(photo by Huffpo)
The President signed the Historic law the House HCR today.Marcellus Owens of Washington State looks on, he had written a letter to the President about his mom who died without Health Insurance. ( and was attacked by the RW media). Vicki Kennedy also looks on.

Here is an analysis of the HCR bill as it is right now by Karoli Kuns ,she breaks it down and explains it with great clarity.


Anonymous said...

Lots of peeps tweeting about HCR today on Twitter and Obama live streamed as well http://bit.ly/9xc0ef

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of "I hope we all keep talking":

Contrary to appearances, I'm not on Twitter 24/7, so you blocked me before I could respond.

It was a *joke*. Making fun of the concept of re-education camps. I'm concerned that other people might have taken it wrong, though, so I'm going to think of something else.

But really, with a handle like "watergatesummer," I'd hope we can get along. So I hope you'll unblock me. If not, no hard feelings.

aka 02KillRdie4

enigma4ever said...

I blocked you because most times if people have Obamaland or EducateCamps on their page-or Other BeckPhrases- yes, I block...( did not hear back for hours, and I posted that I was cleaning house-getting rid of trolls in my stream-yup trolls and teabaggers...)

seasons of Trolls and alotta Hate so of course that makes total sense-read your page could not for the life of me figure out who's team U are on..

it was not clear...at all..

and about my handle-I view Watergate Summer as when alot happened in this country- a true turning point in our history...(it is in no way humorous-it's about political awareness)

so there you have it-
and to be real here-your handle makes no sense either-what does it mean ?

enigma4ever said...

let me more clear-
any handles with "O" and "kill" in it-and
"WingnutsObamaLand" in your "Bio"-
gee that leads to some pretty GRIM assumptions?

SO what is real-and you might want to try explaining more....

Lulu Maude said...

Go, Southpaw!

Hope you sign lots of bills that bear the best of your impassioned leadership.

Kittie Howard said...

On Sunday, our country got dressed up and stepped into the 21st century. It's a small step but one long overdue. I've traveled to over 100 countries and am amazed that what is historic here is actually mundane in most of the world. I'm also embarrassed by the Tea Party hecklers. Their spitting, yelling, racial slurs and so on are a raw hatred that scares me. I'm so proud of President Obama for not buckling under pressure. He's going to be one of our Greats!

enigma4ever said...

Hey Lulu -
So good to see U....and yeah....it's really great that it finally is a southpaw signing laws for the people...amazing...


everything you said is so true...really is...I can not even explain to my friends in other places..I don't understand it either...heckling sick people and taking care of neighbors? unreal .....and yes for a developed country...the Tpartiers have been legitimized as a "Movement" but really they are hatemongers...that is all it is...

Sewmouse said...

It's a first step. We need a public option, we need to get rid of any mandate "penalties", and drug re-importation needs to get back in there too.

But it is a first step.

Do you perchance, E4E, have a link to the final bill that you could share? Despite the legalease, I'd like to read the final version for my own self, and I've not come across it as yet.

enigma4ever said...

Sewmouse -
we definently need a Public Plan- whether it be a Public Option,Single Payer, or medicare Buy in ( or a combined public plan of all the above)....

the Final Senate bill is what the House actually voted on -I can find that- I think I have the link filed.
( now the Senate usually would be adding fixes from the final House bill-that is how reconciliation should work-but....not this time as we all know)

and you probally know this-the final house bill did have a Public Option..sadly that won't be in the final reconciled bill....I wish it were...

But yes I will find the final bill for you,..as it stands now -as it has arrived to the Senate floor ( and that they are hashing now...)

marcinko said...

(Hmmm, open ID doesn't seem to want to post, so let me try my google acct.)

Happy for the chance to clarify.

It's not an O, it's a zero.

02KillRdie4 = "Nothing to kill or die for," a line from John Lennon's song "Imagine."

(It gets more complicated than that for me; there are things--people, more likely--I would die for, but I'm just trying on the idea that it would be nice if nobody had to. You know...*imagine*.)

Now you've got me worried, though. Maybe I'll change it. One of my English teachers used to say that what can be misunderstood *will* be misunderstood. Hmm. (Though I *have* seen vanity license plates that are harder to figure out, for me at least.)

I think if you read my tweets, or my LJ, it's pretty clear where I stand on things. To be as clear as I possibly can, I not only voted for Obama, I worked the phones for him to reach voters in NV up till about half an hour before the polls closed. I didn't think he was perfect, but the idea of Sarah Palin in the White House was enough to motivate me.

I still think the idea of re-education camps is one of the most hilarious memes ever. It became sort of a catchphrase for me: "Saw a McCain/Palin sticker...got the license plate # for when we open the re-ed camps."

How odd that in light of reality we don't hear it much anymore from Glenn or Rush or Michelle.

I remember Watergate summer well, & I did take it as coming from a person with a (an?) historical memory, which I think we can use more of in this country. A lot of people already seem to have forgotten that Bush was in the White House.

I wonder if any wingnuts are following me? I haven't really looked. I have yet to have a coherent conversation w/ any of them.

OK, that's probably more than you want to know, but I did want to be clear if I can.



marcinko said...

Shorter me: I really don't want even one person thinking I'm anti-Obama.

So feel free to join me on my other account, @TMA7 (just a "2001: A Space Odyssey" reference, if anybody's wondering).

I appreciate the feedback--honest.



Fran said...

I was wondering who the child was in the photo-- a Seattle boy whose Mom lost her job, then health care (not sure if she was sick before those 2 things happened), then she died.


He had a place of honor in this historic event, but sad his family paid the ultimate price.
(Ironically WA state is one wanting to sue calling the bill unconstitutional). Geez!

A huge step for humanity.