Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sarah Palin asks her "fans" to RELOAD and gives them a Crosshairs Map...

As Sarah Palin plans her "Reality TV show" on Discovery, I hope they look at the Name "Dangerous and Stupid" and that the Secret Service has a LONG chat with her. She posted a rant on her Facebook Page and told her fans to RELOAD-no I am not kidding, and she posted this map, complete with crosshairs....telling her minions to Target those Dems.Language like this is dangerous,inciting violence and hate,by using Hunting language and symbols.

Sarah Palin's facebook page is linked to the Title with bigger photo of map...


Suzan said...

Thanks for highlighting and commenting on this almost unbelievable Scarahy event.

It left me stunned.

Through it, however, I became aware of all those right-wing sites out there capitalizing on the fears generated by these demagogues.

Again, my heartfelt thanks.


Fran said...

The link has the title "Don't get demoralized"

Seriously?? Having healthcare is demoralizing?

Palin is a hatemonger, pure & simple.