Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deadly Tornado Season Rages On....

Photo of Joplin's StJohn Hospital, 7 story Hospital in the eye of the Tornado, withstood 200MPH winds, and they had minimal warning. They had a warning saying 20 minutes, but the Tornado was on them in less than 10 minutes, the were able to move most patients out of the way of the windows. ALL the windows were blown out, equipment and materials were swept from the hospital up to 70 MPH away. Within hours all the patients were evac'd to other hospitals. ( In my lifetime I don't ever remember seeing a Hospital in the eye of such a Twister),. The city of Joplin lost their schools, churches, city offices, Home Depot and Fire Depts, Walmart and their 7 story hospital.
Sunday Night we had 68 Tornadoes and this was the same night that a F5 shredded Joplin Missouri. Monday Night there were more tornadoes and Tuesday Night 47 more. April had 668 tornadoes, one of the worst on record. I encourage people to pay attention , Tornado Alley includes most of the Midwest and now at times the South but also PA and NY even....These Twisters are bigger than years past with damaging winds and hail as warnings, but some have been wrapped in rain and come swiftly down. Watch TWC , pay attention to shelter warnings and do make sure you have a safe zone planned at your home. Make sure that you have water , food, tools, extra clothes, weather radio and pet supplies in your Safe Room. If you do not have a basement make sure you have a closet or bathroom that is structurally sound to use as your shelter.
More on Joplin....from the Weather Experts.
And in the Middle of Joplin's Nightmare, needing Disaster Relief and aid, Cantor pulls the biggest Hostage Game ever , do read this Crooks and Liars Post on Cantor and his Manuvers....

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