Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011...

This photo is heart tugging...May we keep the Military families in our hearts today. So many young widows and widowers.
(1) And this touching article about a Widow's Dreams ( San Jose Mercury News) is beautifully written....
(2) McClatchyDC "New generation of war widows, widowers finds comfort online"

Arlington..... ( I have only been there twice, my cousin is buried there. He was a Heli Pilot for the Navy in Vietnam. If you ever have a chance to go to Arlington it is a beautiful place....and humbling...knowing how many good men and women are buried there....
Statistics compiled from West Wing Report ( on Twitter):
(1) On this Memorial Day, the latest U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan bring the toll for 2011 to 151. Since combat ops began 7 Oct. 2001: 1,597.
(2) As for Iraq, the “official” U.S. combat role is over, but the death toll for 2011 stands at 24. Since 3/19/03: 4,454 Americans dead.
(3) U.S. military fatalities in Afghanistan have risen steadily since 2001: 12, 49, 48, 52, 99, 98, 117, 155, 317, 499. So far in 2011: 151.
(4) On this #Memorial Day, the latest U.S. fatalities in #Afghanistan bring the toll for 2011 to 151. Since combat ops began 7 Oct. 2001: 1,597
(5) Memorial Day is sometimes confused with Veteran's Day - November 11 - when we honor heroes in uniform, past and present.
6) Memorial Day is meant to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice: an estimated 848,163 Americans since the Revolutionary War.

Sadly much of the airwaves was covering Palin the Alaskan grifter's trip to DC and the Rolling Thunder event, but there are many Vets there who should be interviewed and reported. The Lone Marine is one such person who should be interviewed and covered by the news. He stands tall saluting for Three hours....( Story Here about his vigil and why he stands Saluting....)

Soldiers in Afghanistan hold a candle light ceremony honoring Memorial Day ( story here about their ceremony....
(1) "Forgetting Why We Remember" (NYT) Memorial Day post is a must read....
(2) By Yoko Ono On Memorial Day 2011: Now Or Never by Yoko Ono Lennon
On this day I honor and remember my Uncle Stu who helped liberate the Concentration Camps of Germany and Europe in WWII , and who battled PTSD for many many years after witnessing such horror. I am grateful he taught me about war when I was 7 and helped me to become an anti war activist forever. I am grateful to my Cousin Bobby who was a Heli Pilot on Vietnam ( Medical Evacs). To all Military families and Vets may we honor your service and your sacrifices. And at some point may we learn enough from War not to start or enter another one....


Cindy said...

A touching post. I tend to try to forget Memorial day, as I would like to forget war. But my half brother was a -17 captain in WWII and my Uncle died of Mustard Gas poisoning in WWI (Dad way older than mom) So, RTing your post will be my remembrance..

enigma4ever said...

Thank you Cindy...and thank you for sharing your brave family history with many we should remember and be grateful too....