Monday, November 21, 2011

Pepper Spray Medical Advice and Medical Information for OCCUPY as Police Brutality Escalates

Oregonian filmed this. Portland. Wed.Nite. Girl did throw up and recover.

UC Davis Lt Pike Sprays students in Face ( I will post video below the Students all did the right thing, Chanting Shame and Filming.)
If site is to be exposed to Pepper Spray or Tear Gas protesters have to learn how to rinse face and eyes and nose and mouth with this solution to remove the sting. It is a 50/50 Solution of Mint Maalox and Water and it works better than anything else ( Egypt has really taught us much about coping with Chemcial Sprays). It is called a LAW solution as it is Liquid Antacid and Water as the basic solution. Do be sure it is MINT Maalox as the Lemon or plain has no cooling effect. Get Spray Misting Bottles that you can mix the formula in, have atleast a couple and teach everyone how to make this and have some made if you suspect Cops are arriving.

(1) This site actually explains fairly thoroughly that people need to be able to resist rubbing as this makes it much worse and also other Solutions that can be used including Milk and that water will not remove as it is a oily substance. And it also encourages people with contacts to take them out right away.

(Originally posted Nov15...)
As a Nurse I am encouraging my Medical Brothers and Sisters please do get involved with the 99% Occupy Movement as the Occupy Sites around the Country need our Skills. If you can check with National Nurses United and see if they are already involved in your city at the Occupy Location. Check and see if they need your services or skills or supplies. If your city does not have a Medical Tent or Bin at the Occupy Site See if you can put together a Kit yourself. Also offer to train in First Aid, so that there is always someone on site who can render first aid.

Gather what is Needed ( if you pick Certain Pharmacies or Dollar Stores you may even get Some Supplies willing Donated if you explain the purpose). If you can try to supply the Occupy Site with One Stationary Bin and One Mobile Medical bag that could be used for Marches or to bring Aid to someone in need. ( IF you are in NYC please do contact the National Nurses Union link below and see what they need to replenish their stocks after the Monday Night Raid).

Supplies in Medical Bag ( Street Medicine):
Sturdy Duffel Bag Label with Large Medical Cross
(encourage the Site Medic to wear a Cross on Arm-can even just be Duct tape).
Bandage and Dressing Supplies
(Do add absorb ant materials including sanitary napkins or cloth diapers-as they can absorb volumes of blood)
Saline in Bottle Form( Sensitive Eyes for Contacts, as this is good for later washing eyes out after Gassing or Pepper Spray)
Peroxide for wound care
Tape ( water proof and even Duct Tape as it holds well and can be used for Pressure Dressings)
Hot Cold Packs that you can press and the change temp
Water Bottles
Minted Maalox (see below)
Extra Face Masks, Goggles, and Scarves, Bandannas
Extra Tubes of Icing ( For Low Blood Sugar as Diabetes is a real urban problem)
Good Surgical Scissors
Sewing kit ( if needed )
Crazy Glue To Mend Cuts ( and if stitches are not available)

*** Do encourage people to bring Helmets ( Bike Helmets or Climbing Helmets) and also long sleeves or jackets, cover skin protectively. Also to wear extra shirts or clothes as if the clothes get soaked in solution you need to change as the clothes will sting.

More about National Nurses United, please do check their site here to see if your occupy site already has an ongoing Medical Tent, as many of the Larger Cities do , such as Chicago and New York and also Boston. And they are up and running and some have already had to cope with Raids and Arrests. Read more about the Union's stance and their Medical Concerns and why they have joined the Occupy Movement.

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