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Police Brutality At Seattle Occupy Event 84 yr old Dorli Rainey is PepperSprayed....

Seattle PI photo by Joshua Trujillo Taken Tuesday November 15th in the Evening. ( By 6th and Pine or by Westlake Center)
From the Seattle PI::: "Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers," said Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel

When this little elderly lady was Pepper Sprayed in the Face on Tuesday Night did the Seattle Police realize who this amazing little lady was ? Did they care ? Is this how Elderly are to be treated peacefully marching or assembling on a Seattle Street ?

Dorli Rainey is 84 Years Old, 4 feet 10 inches and full of spunk and politically active and aware. She joined in a Occupy Solidarity March in Seattle. She is not just anyone's Granma that bakes cookies, she is a real American. In 2009 she was concerned about many issues facing Seattle, including Homelessness, Tent City Dwellers needing permanent shelter, and Infrastructure and Water Quality and Sewer issues. Smart sharp little lady who loves Seattle and her country, enough to run for office at 82 years old. She withdrew from the race partly because of Bus Stop concerns and too many late evening meetings, but also because she was worried no one was taking her concerns seriously. So she withdrew in May 2009.

Tuesday Evening she was helped away from the scene ,taken care of by other Protesters. Please note how tiny she really is, she surely posed no threat to any one on site.

(Photo from UK Daily Mail)
Please note the Canisters and how close they are to faces, I am still trying to get verification from others as to what type of Pepper Spray was deployed. Nurses have been actively encouraging Occupy protesters get safety goggles or even swim goggles, and to have LAW solution at the ready as well as to wear a scarf to protect face and breathing. ( LAW Solution is made up of Mint Maalox and Water 50/50 and placed in a spray bottle, can cool and calm face against Pepper Spray. And according to the Arab Spring Protesters can also work fairly adequately against Tear Gas.) It is unclear if Ms.Rainey had any protection and any access to medical relief at the site. It is also unclear if she has any other medical conditions that would put her at risk, example Glaucoma or Cataracts are very sensitive to such Chemicals and Sprays.
The Story could well end with the horrific photo of her injured crying tear stained face, but it doesn't, because The Stranger reached out to her and interviewed her, And I am sharing their post with you it is quite amazing.

"Dorli Rainey, a longtime liberal activist who moved here from Austria in 1956, also sent us this email explaining how it happened:

Something funny happened on my way to a transportation meeting in Northgate. As I got off the bus at 3rd and Pine I heard helicopters above. Knowing that the problems of New York would certainly precipitate action by Occupy Seattle, I thought I better check it out. Especially since only yesterday the City Government made a grandiose gesture to protect free speech. Well free speech does have its limits as I found out as the cops shoved their bicycles into the crowd and simultaneously pepper sprayed the so captured protesters. If it had not been for my Hero (Iraq Vet Caleb) I would have been down on the ground and trampled. This is what democracy looks like. It certainly left an impression on the people who rode the No. 1 bus home with me. In the women's movement there were signs which said: "Screw us and we multiply."

Ms. Rainey, you are a civic treasure."
Indeed The Stranger got it right, Ms.Rainey is indeed a True American Treasure....and Amen to what she said " Screw Us and We Mulitply." And she raises a good question, IS This really What Democracy Looks Like ? And note once again an Iraq War Vet came to her Aid and Protected her. Our VETS really are protecting and serving Our Country , and we need to thank them, as we battle to find our ways in these times. And I have been haunted all day I keep thinking about MsRainey how for 10 years she worked as a Translator for our Military while she lived in Austria after WWII and how she wanted to come to America to be part of a Democracy, that is what she yearned for. So in 1956 she came to America and she came during the Cold War and the Ike Years and The Hearings for those That were Anti American, and now here we are. What kind of Democracy is she experiencing now ? What kind of Democracy are we ? How did this happen that an 84 yr old petite elderly woman could be treated so horribly....There is Something Very Wrong in America.
Here is an amazing interview with her from August 2010, The full interview is 28 minutes, but the first 3 minutes of her explaining about surviving WWII Living in Europe, and hungering to live in a real Democracy is haunting.....( She also did Translation for Our American Army in Europe for 10 years, as she was born in Austria:

(1)Seattle Weekly article on Ms.Rainey's Mayoral Run.
(2) This UK Daily Mail article has more details than the Seattle PI article and better photographs, and also details how a pregnant woman and a priest were also hurt by Police Actions on Tuesday Night.
(3)Seattle PI had little up regarding this incident at 2AM , I will update this link when more info is available, especially about the Injured Pregnant woman and the priest and the total number of arrests.
(5) Ms.Rainey even started a Blog the Year she ran for Mayor, it was called Old Lady In Combat Boots, politically astute and pithy.
(6)The Late Night Post from The Stranger with her Interview.
(7) Noon Seattle PI Updates on the Pepper Spraying of Ms.Rainey and also a Priest.
SNIPPETS From Seattle PI Article :::

"An elderly woman, a pregnant woman and a priest were among those who were pepper-sprayed during a protest in support of the Occupy movement on Tuesday.The demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Seattle movement marched from their current camp at Seattle Central Community College to Westlake Park late Tuesday afternoon.

While en route, they came across police officers at several points. At the intersection of Fifth and Pine, the crowd was met by a line of several dozen police officers on bicycles who blocked the way.Tensions mounted until police deployed pepper spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd and get the protesters out of the streets. About a dozen people were hit with the stinging fume.

"Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers," said Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel.

Police said six people were arrested during the march. A 17-year-old girl was pepper-sprayed then arrested after allegedly swinging a stick at an officer. Three others - a 17-year-old boy, a man and a women - were arrested for suspected pedestrian interference. A man was arrested after he allegedly threw an unknown liquid at an officer's face, and another man was arrested for alleged assault.By 7:30 p.m., the protesters were back at their camp at Seattle Central Community College.

The local protesters were marching in support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who were kicked out of their camp at Zucotti Park in New York and a judge ruled that their free speech rights do not extend to pitching a tent and setting up camp for months at a time.The protesters have been camped out in the privately owned park since mid-September.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he ordered the sweep because health and safety conditions had become "intolerable" in the crowded plaza.

On Monday, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved a resolution in support of the growing Occupy movement."
Update The Night after the Arrests Dorli Rainey was interviewed on Countdown by Keith Olbermann, it was one of the best interviews he has ever done, and while he was interviewing her she began to trend on Twitter. I will post the Link here and post the entire interview below.
Here is Dorli Rainey's amazing interview by Keith Olbermann on the importance of Activism.


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Enigma my sweet rose...

Fascism has indeed come to America and its been brought here by both political parties.

But more so from the Republican Fascist Nazi Party.

And now we see the Police State in full Riot Gear doing what we all saw being done in Egypt, Libya and ongoing in Syria.

When people protested in those countries we applauded them for protesting for democracy. When we do it here in America were called scum.

I fear that this will only get more violent as the police state tries to silence American Citizens and blood will end up being spilled on American streets, not that it isn't being spilled right now.

They better be careful and remember what happened in France when the people were told to eat cake.

The Elite had the backs of their necks feel the sweet kiss of Madame Guillotine as she cleaved their heads from their shoulders.

Yes the people of France used the knife that was used to cut cake on their oppressors and it will happen here if things don't change.

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Meant to mentioned this above but unable to find the link at that time.

"Upon hearing the news, Laurene Pierce (President of the College Republicans at University of Texas) thought it would be hilarious to tweet that people shouldn’t shoot Obama, “as tempting as it may be.”"
Here's the link to the story below:

Perhaps someone should tweet 'Don't shoot Laurene Pierce (President of the College Republicans at University of Texas), “as tempting as it may be.”'

Yes she is another Republican Fascist Nazi.

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