Friday, April 03, 2009

President Obama as a Mediator at the G20 Summit.....

I read this story this am in the LA Times and I have to admit I nodded and thought, I can see him trying to bridge gaps and keep the does not surprise me at all. ( I have to admit the two people that had really shocked me at this Summit are Sarkozy and Merkel...I am still puzzled that they both were cozy to Bush...What was THAT about ? and now they are a bit cool to Obama).
I am also not really shocked that China and France had a scuffle....Click the title for more.


Annette said...

I am not sure why you thought Sarkozy and Merkel liked Bush, they really didn't.. just tolerated him, especially Merkel.. don't you remember the neck rub that was so wrong and she like to decked

Besides, Sarkozy couldn't get enough of Pres. Obama today... and Mekel was just about as bad..

enigma4ever said...

Because they spent a good bit of time with him- even going vactioning and even down to the ranch...maybe they didn't "like" him- but they liked working with him....and yes, in many ways they did tolerate him....that is so true...and yes, I will never forget the Neck rub....( what a horrible american moment- so embarrassing....)