Thursday, April 09, 2009

Prosecutorial MISCONDUCT in the Stevens Case::: What if it is MORE Cases than Stevens in the NW ?

I know that I will be in trouble for this..but I really support Holder examinging this Misconduct, because sadly I don't think it is about Stevens, I am more worried that it is the Tip of a Much Larger Iceberg, and that Entire JD has been corrupted on multiple
levels. And I do think that Holder will get to the Seigelman case too, if it has not started already....How Broken is Our JD ?
More on Emmett Sullivan and his Judicial Background.
And then we need to look at the BIOS and Cases of the Prosecutors and wonder what Cases also might be ruined....

( Sadly VECO ? the Pipeline Case of 2002 /2003 from Explosion of 1999, and the DC Snipers ? was their data from that Dept and Office ?, and yes, sadly Abramoff.....this is out of John McKays's office, makes one wonder WHY was McKay removed , or ANY of the Nine ?)


Annette said...

Stevens was Just the prosecutor screwed up the case so badly Holder had no choice but to do what he did. I applaud him for his honesty. I just wish there was a way they could press charges against him again.

enigma4ever said... 2...

( he is planning to run again in 2014 ???)

NEWSGUY said...

If this had been Republicans who had put a Democrat away, no way they would have reversed it.

THat's the trouble with Democrats. Too fair. Play by the rules. Screw that. Let Stevens rot in prison.

But then he did lose his Senate seat. That's a good result.

Distributorcap said...

holder did the right thing -- sometimes u just have to

stevens at 85 aint gonna do much more at this point - tho we all know how guilty he is.

let him run for gov if he wants -- that whole state is politically rotting -- how can ANYONE seriously pull a lever for sarah palin and feel good about it