Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake (2:20AM EST) USGS upgraded to 8.8

Photo by Kevin Collins ( Santiago)

IF YOU KNOW PEOPLE ON SOUTH AMERICAN PACIFIC COAST PLEASE TEXT THEM TO GET TO HIGH GROUND (Power out-but Twitter/Texting Working) State Dept number for anyone concerned about a friend or loved one in Chile: 1-888-407-4747
Map of Perdicted Tsunami Estimated times ( Pacific) (thanks to @Unclo on Twitter)

Hawaii Tsunami Issued, as well as Pacific Ring of Fire Area....see below

First photo 4am ( less than 2hours after the quake)
Quake is the middle of Night, most power is out. It has been atleast 2 hours Conception/Maule, felt as far as Santiago over 200 miles away. There is no power and no reports coming out. It was felt in Beunos Aires. 6 confirmed dead. Cellphones are also out-BUT if you have relatives down there-please do text them. Twitter again is WORKING. Quake was 62 Times Stronger than Haiti Quake, and only 21 Miles (25-35KM first reports say),so this quake is shallow ( which poses greater Quake Damage/Tsunami Risk).

3:18AM First Tsunami Warnings Issued Due to Reports.
Tsunami Warnings&Update Number 2 Do See ALL Waves -Entire South America Coast Under Alert NOAA Warnings Critical
M8.8 - Offshore Maule, Chile - 2010 February 27 06:34:14 UTC
-35° 50' 47.04", -72° 43' 8.04"

M6.2 - Offshore Maule, Chile - 2010 February 27 06:52:35 UTC
-34° 44' 6.72", -72° 38' 16.44"

M5.6 - Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile - 2010 February 27 07:33:31 UTC
-38° 0' 24.48", -73° 29' 1.68"
Recent earthquakes near Chile :: Google Maps

Time Magnitude Location
1 hour ago 5.6 Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile Map
2 hours ago 6.2 Offshore Maule, Chile Map
2 hours ago 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile Map
9am Updates Chile QUAKE update:
So far 79 people confirmed dead. Santiago is reporting Damaged Airport-flights on hold for 24 hours, Santiago is 200 miles away from epicenter. Information from Maule or Concepticion -there are NO reports from that zone yet. the Quake was felt far and wide in South America , all the way to Argnentina. By 5AM Tsunami Warnings and Advisories were issued in the Pacific for as far away as Australia to French Polynesian Islands. Even Easter Island was effected and is to be possibly evacuated. In Chile the President without first few hours issued statement and Declared an Emergency, and also stated that a large Wave had hit SoutherChile Coast. ( We are still awaiting news on this). One large connecting bridge has collapsed and there is Road damage and massive power outage, and cellphones are not working. People are encouraged to use Text Messages and Twitter for communication ( CNN).

Aftershocks have been more than 25, original quake lasted for over 3minutes rates at 8.8,aftershocks and followup quakes have been 4.2-6.9.

9AM Update:: Please read and share information below. As Hawaii is facing a Tsunami WARNING and Civil Defense is going to be sounding Alarm at 6am and Using EVACmodeling. Please see LINKS below or follow me on Twitter @watergatesummer

NOAA Hawaii #Tsunami Information and EvacMaps

NOAA has issued Advisories and Warnings for the Pacific, I have the Estimated Times of when a Tsunami could/would reach the Pacific and the West Coast, and it is worth looking at by location to be aware.

Civil Defense will be issuing alarms and EVAC maps-this is their information for Hawaii

NOAA buoy Maps show the actual Tsunami wave monitoring

CNN report of Chile Quake and the Situation first 5hours and the Pacific and Ring of Fire Tsunami Risks.

Excellent thorough Reporting by BBC about the Quake and some video as well.

First CBS reports and updates by 7am.

CBS video and reports

Paul Evans wrote a really good blog post explaining the Chile Earthquake and Tsunami issues, a really helpful posting. 670,000 Live in Conceptcion near the Epicenter. It is estimated that up to 3 million felt the quake.

Link from ReliefWeb (1st Report) regarding USGS/Logistical Data re; Chile Quake, 1.7 MB PDF LINK is here.
2PM President gave update live on Cable.
3PM Updates Santiago Footage starting to come in, still none from EpiCenter. Hawaii has started moving/evacing people and really organized dealing with this situation. The Waves should be coming to shore within the next hour ( or2).
147 Confirmed Dead Chile. Please read below and you will see Hawaii has been issued Tsunami warnings, but so has Most of Pacific Rim including most Island Nations and even Russia,French Polynesia New Zealand and Australia and many other Pacific Countries.USGS /NOAA Bouy maps do show activity/motion throughout Pacific.


GOOGLE has set up a PERSONFINDER ( posted by State Dept on Twitter)

State Dept. has set up a really organized thorough Website for the ChileQuake

NOAA #15 Hawaii Warning

Shoq on Twitter has set up a whole page for Information and resources

IF you have relatives in Tsunami Zone- Pacific encourage they get to high Ground, and if they can go to the Hawaii Websites I posted above that give EvacZones and other emergency info. Tell them to pack meds, food water and blankets, and if they have pets tell them to check the Website for plans for pets. Hotels have special instructions as well. ( Some are supposed to have guests go to Higher floors, others are on Evac List. Encourage they stay calm, Take Radio if they have. Ask that they remain vigilant and monitor surf but also how animals act, especially birds and fish. If they live near shore and can see Coastline ( ie from a window) They might series of Rolling Waves or they might see Ocean evacuate, leave shore. Risk is that Tsunami can travel with force up to a mile inland. American Samoa and Guam ,French Polynesian Islands are all at risk 1-8 Feet waves that can roll at great force. Encourage they can Skype or Text or Twitter messages.
Sunday Morning Update

BIG PICTURE from Boston Globe


Kittie Howard said...

Our prayers go out to the people of Chile. I didn't know, until reading your post, that this quake was 62 times stronger than the one in Haiti. OMG! These natural disasters chill the soul.

D.K. Raed said...

knew you'd be all over this, Enigma, with good links and sources. just watched prez of chile talk about some prison riots and looting but overall how they are handling dist of supplies esp water.

it is a much stronger quake than haiti but NOAA explained it is a subduction rather than slip/strike quake like haiti ... so the actual shaking in haiti might've been much greater.

enigma4ever said...

thanks all...
People that called in said there were Colored Skies/Clouds last nite ( remember China)

and also they said Church Bells were ringing throughout South America -clanging with the Quake- even in Argentina ...

enigma4ever said...

#hitsunami RT @joygreenmcgann: RT @Meira_Davi: RT @Gr8RDH: MSNBC >> US NAVY SENDING 8 SHIPS FROM PEARL HARBOR OUT TO SEA
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Launched: Updates will be posted as they develop.
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@Federation has released 300,000 SwissFrancs (280,000USD; 205,000 Euros) from its Disaster Fund 2support Chile Red Cross relief operation.
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Video: video on CHile Earthquake #1
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The USGS reports that a 6.3 magnitude aftershock has rocked offshore Valparaiso, Chile.
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From @WorldVisionNews World Vision #Chile staffer on quake: "Everyone was sleeping, time to escape." Houses, large buildings collapsed
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Sunrise just shot frm my home pre-tsunami . Hope it stays the same. #hitsunami
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We'll be tweeting the Chilean #Earthquake press briefing with USGS scientists at noon Pacific (3pm Eastern):
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2PM President Obama giving PressConference on #ChileEQ
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TwitterPage all updated,and Blog too on #Chile #Tsunami #Warnings Please do scroll down and RT....thanks
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PLZ RT This...Map of tsunami travel times #Chile (via @watergatesummer)
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#Earthquake M 5.3, Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile
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@CNN -ThankYou CNN for your ongoing #Chile Coverage since 5am,and bringing in International Reporters
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@Karoli @Cody_K @Shoq Check out #MoreTsunamiWarnings -ALL Countries/Regions listed #PacificRim #Tsunami
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enigma4ever said...

2:40PM EST
Waves starting to arrive in Hawaii ....different islandsp- 1-8feet

147 Known Dead in Santiago,
Footage varies- total destruction or no damages...

52 Total Aftershocks- 4.1 -6.9

enigma4ever said...

2am West Coast time LA times sent out news that ALL Tsunami warnings lifted for Pacific-small waves did reach Japan and Russia

Los Angeles Times | Feb. 28, 2010 | 11:18 a.m.

Death toll in Chile jumps to 708

The death toll after one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history rocked Chile jumped Sunday to 708, President Michelle Bachelet said, nearly doubling as rescue crews reached remote and badly damaged towns.

Rescuers searched for survivors as untold numbers have gone missing, while more than 2 million people have been displaced, wounded or otherwise affected.

enigma4ever said...

The Guardian ( 3PM EST)
Rescue workers were today continuing to search for survivors after one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded killed more than 700 people in Chile and left tens of thousands homeless.

Fears that a number of Pacific nations would be hit by a tsunami generated by the magnitude 8.8 quake were allayed, however, when the waves turned out to be smaller than expected, prompting the lifting of a Pacific-wide alert.

Carmen Fernandez, the head of the National Emergency Agency, said 1.5 million Chileans had been affected by the disaster, with 500,000 homes severely damaged.

The country's president, Michelle Bachelet, declared a "state of catastrophe" in central Chile. "It was a catastrophe of devastating consequences," she said.

International leaders were quick to offer their assistance to the Chilean authorities. Gordon Brown said Britain "stands ready to help", while Barack Obama promised that the US "will be there" if Chile asks for aid.

The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton – due to start a five-nation tour of Latin America tomorrow – said: "Our hemisphere comes together in times of crisis, and we will stand side by side with the people of Chile in this emergency."

The full extent of the quake damage remained unclear as dozens of aftershocks continued to ripple across the nation.

In Concepción – Chile's second largest city, 70 miles from the epicentre – nurses and residents pushed the injured through the streets on stretchers.

Survivors wrapped in blankets walked around in a daze, some carrying children in their arms. A 15-storey building collapsed, leaving only a few floors intact.

"I was on the eighth floor and all of a sudden I was down here," Fernando Abarzua, who escaped from the wreckage, said.

He said a relative was still trapped in the rubble six hours after the quake, "but he keeps shouting, saying he's OK".

Chilean state television reported that 209 inmates had escaped from a prison in the city of Chillan after a fire broke out, while the president-elect, Sebastien Pinera, reported seeing some looting while flying over damaged areas.

enigma4ever said...

more from The Guardian ::

Robert Williams, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey, said the Chilean quake was hundreds of times more powerful than the earthquake that devastated Haiti last month, although it was much deeper underground and appeared to have claimed far fewer lives.

The largest earthquake ever recorded struck the same area of Chile on 22 May 1960. The 9.5-magnitude quake killed 1,655 people and made two million homeless.

Yesterday's earthquake matched a 1906 quake off the Ecuadorean coast as the seventh-strongest ever recorded.

Fran said...

Sunday~ They say now over 400 dead, and yesterday's "no thanks" to international help has been revised to a "yes please".

Some pretty stark photos of major damage.

When people are out on the streets w nothing but pajamas & a blanket, it is not theft to get what you can to survive from the grocery store, until proper help can arrive.

Taking plasma TV's & expensive electronics is another thing (they don't even have electricity right now!

the coastal areas are very hard hit.

Still very few pics from the actual epicenter...Concepcion.

Our hearts & prayers go out to those enduring this natural disaster.