Monday, February 01, 2010

Haiti Updates Below :Orphans and Tent Issues

As we head into February Haiti is still reeling from the January 12th Earthquake, there are many logistical issues regarding the needs of this struggling nation. Below are some of the recent needs that require more outside Focus and concentrated giving.As much of the media has now left it will be up to all of us to stay vigilant that this wounded nation gets the care they truly need. Much has been donated monetarily,but we also need to make sure that the Needs on the ground are met. As I am still editing my book I will be continuing to Blog and Tweet on Haiti. This week I am focused on Orphans and Tent Needs. ( If you scroll down medical issues were covered during the later part of the month. If you are a Medical Worker and would like to give time or expertise, I encourage you read my post on Medical Care, and perhaps contact National Nurses who is working with the Navy,Partners in Health or Doctors Without Borders.) This blog is trying to actively focus on Relief Work that is being accomplished on the ground, you can also follow me on Twitter @watergatesummer. I will continue to blog and post on Vulnerable Population Needs, especially as related to Children,Women and Medically Fragile ( Elderly and AIDS patients,and Quake Wounded), and Medical issues ( as With mass Tent Communities there are Biosurveillance issues).
Woman in photo is 108, she survived the Quake, as she has lived through other disasters and Hurricanes. At this time the Sisters ran a home, and she remains living outside as their Home is damaged.....the photo really captures her strength and resilience.
This weeks Focus : Orphans and Tents


enigma4ever said...

RT @WorldVisionUSA: 'Marshall Plan' for #Haiti must have children's best interests in mind: (cont)

enigma4ever said...

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) Haiti's earthquake death toll rises to 200,000 #Haiti #Relief #FEMA

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Keep up the great work!!

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OT: I'm not sure if you knew blogger Bro Tim. I found out he died today on FB. At my blog I have a obit.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for this good work. The woman in that photograph is amazing, she looks so much younger than 108! She really does have resilience, you're right.