Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do keep Haiti in your prayers and give to their ongoing needs...

The rains have started there, ahead of schedule Thousands in the Homeless "Tent Cities" do not even have tents. Please click the title and it will take you to list of Charities and NGOs committed to helping the Quake Survivors. ( Faydra Deon's Charity List is so helpful and easy to use.) The Rains pose huge risks for the exposed populations in regards to hygiene and disease risks. They need tarps and tents and Shelter to decrease the risks.

NYT has update about the risks,including slides, floods and even drownings.

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enigma4ever said...

from @stacos

Southern Haiti town of Aquin and surrounding areas are also currently flooded, emergency vehicles are unable to assist them
5:44 PM Feb 27th via web

Town of Aux Cayes in southern Haiti is totally submerge after heavy rain storms of Friday evening into this AM (source: radio Signal FM)
1:14 PM Feb 27th via Twee