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Fukushima Updates for July....

Elderly sit and read papers and news while still being sheltered in a Temporary Shelter, awaiting housing as the Fukushima Evac Zones are expanded again.
(1) TEPCO Resumes Decontaminating Water to Cool Reactors again, though it has been a process that leads to more issues of trying to find where to put the Contaminated water and more issues regarding the actual level of radiation. ( Sadly there has not been enough information available regarding the storage of this water and also effect and possible leakage effecting Sea Conditions.) But the link does have the latest updates and plans, that they seem to revise every few weeks. There have been few updates on Air Emissions and why they are not pursuing any Topical Coverings for the actual Melted Down Reactors ( ie: Chernobyl Solutions : Cement, Sand, Lead ? Especially in photos Reactors 1, 2, and 3 and even 4 are all Open to Air and destroyed burned out structures.)
Health Issues related to Fukushima 's Ongoing Radiation/Nuclear Crisis
(2) There have been very few articles on the actual Health Risks to The People, Especially Children of Japan. Recently it was revealed that
45% of children in Fukushima Prefecture Had Thyroid Exposure to Radiation.
Are these children to be monitored Longterm ? Are they already monitoring for other health damage, including Bone and Blood ? Are they prepared to track other Radiation issues in Children, ie : Leukemias, Tumor Rates, Heart damage ? I have found no articles regarding the Health of Adults being tracked as yet. ( Who will be monitoring the rates of Breast Cancer , Lung Cancer , Bone Cancer and Leukemias in the years to come ? )
This article from Japan Times explains that Dosimeters are being given to Children, Moms, and pregnant moms to track Radiation in one Fukushima Town the teachers and children are given the dosimeters. It was poorly explained to the Villagers. Some think it is to measure longterm exposure, others think it is actually for Air Monitoring the The Plant which still has 3 Reactors in Meltdown and Damaged Structures that are open to the air. Japan Times claims Dosimeters were only given to approximately 1500 Families with Children and Teachers. Yet EnviroNews says that it is more like 34,000 Children are being monitored and have actual Dosimeters. Which number is correct is uncertain. On one note one would be glad that Japan is tracking the effects of the radiation on the families and the children, but on another note wouldn't it make sense to look at re-examining the Evacuation Zones if so many children are at risk. Keeping them off the playground is not the only way to protect Children from Radiation.

(3) Oregon Advertising Studio Tracks Fukushima Radiation - News on Green. Really Interesting read if you live on the West Coast and want to learn more about Tracking of Radiation.
4) Another issue that is getting little notice is regarding Japan's Soil and Dirt. Japan as an Island Country provides for it's own dietary needs by Farming and also Fishing. Much Cropland was effected by the Tsunami, but another issue is that area of the Island impacted by the Tsunami is also where there is rich farmland that is now vulnerable to radiation fallout. Questions persist as to which land is contaminated and which land can be farmed again. Also which farmlands that are too close to the Fukushima plant are vulnerable to radiation, and what is the correct, safest Perimeters. This article from Raw Story explores the Soil Issues, in further detail.
(5)Do you have concerns or interest in the historical History of Nuclear Power, this Blogpost is an amazing read, It's called " Einstein, Insanity, Nuclear Meltdowns and Tokyo Electric Power Company" (an oped).
(6) This LINK has Radiation Graphs that are worth taking a look at , I reccommend that you look at the spikes in March ( especially of Beta , but do look at Gamma as well. This link was found by WhoDat35 on Twitter, and is something you won't find on the News. She posted it because there are signifigant rises in Carlsbad NM ( is this tied to the Fires ? or what? It was rise in Beta .... ( I will be updating about the Nebraska Nuke Plant and the NM Fires this week, but at this point am still gathering data. )
(7) While Japan is grappling with their Nuclear Issues, the other problem is that they are still recovering from the Tsunami, yet that is troubled as well. The New Reconstruction PM has been forced to resign due to his lack of Sensitivity. India Times has more about how the Minister handled himself dealing with the Tsunami Survivors.
Snippet From India Times ::
"In meetings with local governors over the weekend, Ryu Matsumoto appeared arrogant, angering local residents and political opponents. He told the governor of Iwate, one of the hardest-hit prefectures, that the government would not help municipalities that did not have good ideas about rebuilding, the Kyodo news agency reports.In another meeting, he refused to shake hands with Miyagi governor Yoshihiro Murai, who was a few minutes late."When a guest comes to visit, do not call up the guest until you have arrived in the room. Do you understand?" he told Murai. He also warned journalists not to report his words."
t would seem that Japan is trying so hard to politely handle the TEPCO Fukushima Meltdown, and yet the Government hires people who are insensitive and impolite to deal with the Tsunami Survivors.....One has to wonder if the Radiation Crisis worsens how will the Japanese People be treated by their own government.

These Aerial Drone Photos show extensive damage and raise many questions about what is protecting the citizens from the Radioactive Particles in the air, as the structures clearly offer no Protection especially in especially in Reactors 1,2,3,4 . What is shielding the people from the steam, vapors and simple air emissions from these damaged structures ? Clearly the Spent Fuel Ponds may even be open to the air, and there remain questions about #3 and #4 having enough cooling fluids over the ponds which are near the roof lines. If Children are being given dosimeters clearly there are problems with how much radiation is escaping the shelled buildings and the lack of shielding. Giving our Dosimeters is surely not going to prevent any Thyroid Cancers or Leukemia's .
Before and After Photos of the Plant Clearly raise questions about how much radiation is being emitted:::

This Blogger, Franklin Perry carefully explains what the Reactors should look like and why the photos are so concerning. Do Click and see the photos as well.

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