Sunday, July 31, 2011

We are One People : The Series....Bobbi the Widow from the Garden...

I meet her at the Community Garden, she got a plot and I didn't. Late in the eve when it is hot and no one is there I meet her and walk around sampling berries and peas and we talk. She has had a plot there for over 20 years, I remain on the waiting list. I first met her when I was a Checker at the local market. ( Folks who read this blog know I was a checker for a year in an attempt to get Health Insurance. I mostly ended up taking care of my neighbors, I had a steady group that would come visit on Fridays, Bobbi is one.). I look at her , she is thinner than she was and looks tired. She looks like someone Dorthea Lange would photograph. In the past 2.5 years she lost her job and her husband. She won't let me take her photo, she says that it will jinx her getting a job. She says " We are the 99rs, but what will they call us when we starve ? I really don't think anyone cares in DC. I am tired of them saying it is not As Bad As The Depression. How do they know ? Most of the people from the Depression are dead, there is no one to ask. I wish Someone would ask me."

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