Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival Dedicated to Our Stories......JULY 7th

Women are under attack this Summer and I don't think the MSM has done any coverage of this issue at all. ( You can read the Post below about Women's Health Care and Planned Parenthood being under attack in 15 States. ) For Millions of Women Planned Parenthood is not just where they receive Reproductive Health care, for many it is their ONLY Source of Medical Care. Yet in at least 15 States, Planned Parenthood faces multiple challenges, from Defunding due to Medicaid Stripping, Budget Cuts, and even Legal Challenges in some States as new laws are written to create more barriers for Women to get Care and Abortions. ( The Irony is that Planned Parenthood only uses 3% of it's Budget for Abortion Services and those funds are through Donations, NONE is from any Federal Monies, and never was. ) Planned Parenthood provides much more than Abortion Services to Millions of Women, from STD and Infection Detection and care to Cancer Screenings to Diabetes Screening to Prenatal Care. ( Post below has more information and also every Thursday on Twitter I post #PlannedParenthoodFacts if you want to help spread the Facts. )

The Blogs "What Tami Said" and "Shakesville" both are sponsoring a Blog Carnival on July 7th encouraging Women to Share their Stories of What Planned Parenthood has meant in their Lives. Please Pass the Word of this Project and get more women involved.
This post has more about the Planned Parenthood Attack, from Indiana and Medicaid Battle to the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio.

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