Monday, July 04, 2011

Homegrown Hypocrisy : Drunkenness,Strippers, and Blue Pills, Oh My......

Meet Rep. Robert Mecklenberg , one of the GOP's Finest in Ohio, he is also one of the people that has worked hard to craft the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. Apparently he did spend some time in Indiana earlier this year, and had a DUI Incident that is rather interesting. His Family Values include driving a car in another State fairly intoxicated accompanied by a Stripper and with a Rather healthy Dose of Blue Pills in his system. Not much is known about his 26 year old Companion, the Stripper, whether he was driving her to Choir Practice or perhaps they are a couple.But it seems they had an Interesting Easter Weekend. Now the question is if he was arrested for DUI is this a Felony ? Can he Keep his Job if he is convicted of a Felony ? ( AND WHY are we just finding out about this Incident now 3 months later ?)

More from Plunderkind explains that he was with a Stripper and yes did have Blue Pills in his system ( a significant blood level). He apparently claims he is merely "Human". He and Tiona were pulled over near a Burger King because of problematic loose Plates on the car drew some notice ( and his driving did as well). The Kentucky plates also raises some questions. More Interesting why was he in Indiana on Easter Weekend ? ( I guess he was seeking a different kind of Religious Experience.) This link to the Police Report raises some interesting questions. Enjoy.


tom said...

That type of experience???

Political Psychic said...

Just discovered your blog and am having a blast reading your posts. Even Twittered/shared your piece on the drunken representative. HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing!