Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Actual Footage of Man that Died at the G20 after being attacked by British Security, he was NOT a Protestor....

Ian Tomlinson,47,moments before attack and his death, he had been enroute to watch a soccer match on TV at nearby hostel.
The Guardian is working hard on the story of the Man, Ian Tomlison that was attacked by Security Forces at the G20 that died, and it was brought to them by Internet People, including the actual footage of the Event. A US funds Manager took the actual film. ( There should be other film footage from the area as London is full of Security cameras. People at the Event had said he was NOT a protestor, and the footage confirms that and also raises Many Questions as to how he was treated. He looks confused,dazed ,scared, sad and perhaps under the influence and is encircled, trapped by a large number of Yellow Coats- I count atleast 9 men around him. He is unarmed and in no way inciting or threatening anyone.One Officer comes up from behind and slams him down to the ground with great force ( you can see that even with slow motion). Do click the other links, as it shows the footage in slow motion. The Guardian is requesting an Independent Investigation into events. Other Media is covering, BBC footage and coverage also is ongoing. According to the UK Papers he was a man struggling with his circumstances, homeless at times and with a drinking problem. Raises Questions was he beaten down because he was a "Protestor" ( as if that is Acceptable ?) or because he looked Drunken or Homeless ? Any answers to these Questions should be investigated.

This is more from the
Guardian Article that has more tributes by his family and friends.:::
"On the night he died, the 47-year-old, known as Tommo to his friends, was on his way to watch a football match at the Lindsey Hotel, a hostel near Smithfield meat market on the edge of the City, where he had lodged since October following periods of homelessness.

As a young man of 17, he moved to London from Matlock, in Derbyshire, and worked as a scaffolder, according to friends. At the time of his death he was estranged from his wife, Julia Tomlinson, and had nine children: five girls and four boys, aged between 15 and 32.According to John, a friend who met Tomlinson 13 years ago when they were living on the streets together, he suffered from a drink problem that he was struggling to beat.

"He did drink a lot and that's why he split up with his wife and kids," said John. "He didn't talk about them much because it made him upset and he'd cry about it. When he drank he would get emotional, but just sad about his family – never violent."
WARNING::: Video is violent and disturbing.

Please do share the video and the Story with Blogs and Media, this story should not get buried. A man died after experiencing police brutality.
I will post more links tonight about the Investigation and updates.
Other Coverage:
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Latest 4.8.09 Update from BBC, as
Investigation Continues, not all Officers from Footage have come forward.

More questions raised from the Scottish Doctors Blog....
Updates 4.9.09 Thursday
More video has come to surface today of how the Security Treated to the People .
New Video Raises more questions and concerns and shows Police Acting Thuglike and also leads to more questions about the "Medical Care" he recieved after he collapsed. Read snippet here:
"New footage obtained by the Guardian today gives an insight into the way police and protesters treated Ian Tomlinson, the man who collapsed and died shortly after being struck and pushed over by the police at last week's G20 protest.
The video provides further evidence that the initial explanation of Tomlinson's final moments released by police was misleading. It also corroborates the version of events given to the Guardian by witnesses to his death, some of whom are pictured in the film.Moments before the video was shot, around 7.20pm on 1 April, Tomlinson was struck with a baton and thrown to the floor by a riot officer who had covered half his face with a balaclava and concealed his badge number.
Tomlinson was then seen stumbling down Cornhill, in the City of London, towards the spot, opposite St Michael's Alley, where he collapsed."
Friday Updates:::
Guardian has uncovered more Problems as they continue to Investigate this Case Daily. Today they uncovered that the Patholigist had been in trouble for Conduct in Previous Post Mortems.....Read it.


Fran said...

"We're sorry video no linger available"...

Don't think they are "sorry" so much as covering their asses from liability.

It's almost as bad as the RNC in MN last year!


the walking man said...

I suppose there is no right of assembly in the UK...and no rule that says cops should not be cowards.

Odd how this lone man, far away from the crowd was targeted for special treatment.

No government need look beyond their reactionary evolution and the way it's citizens are dealt with to understand why the revolt is on.

enigma4ever said...

Thursday AM:
Supposedly the Terror Chief has been fired this AM....don't know details will post later...( there was a giant terra sweep yesterday...)

enigma4ever said...

more :
Twelve men were reportedly arrested in the raids, which were prompted by a security blunder by Britain's top anti-terrorism police officer. Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, who has since resigned, was photographed clutching sensitive documents as he arrived in Downing Street for a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.