Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Night Music....Remembering Kurt Cobain.....Come As You Are...

Now that I live with a teen...for some reason the music makes more sense...but Kurt's death still does not make sense...or that he died alone and no one knew for days....He was in a lot of pain...pain may have been his muse...but the gut pain he suffered led to a life looking for comfort and pain relief...very sad...but this is the photo that was handed out in Seattle at the Memorial and all over....And now his daughter who was just a baby at the time, Frances Bean is a teenager...maybe 15 years can bring some peace and some answers to this family.

I was a homecare hospice Nurse in Seattle the spring that Kurt died....I would drive between the University and Capital Hill area to see my patients and I was coming home when I saw all the cop cars , people standing around clumping near Caution Tape...It was obvious that something was wrong. I was worried about my patients as many lived in the area. I was worried one of my AIDS patients had ended it. Then the report came on the radio, and I realized it was Kurt Cobain. So Sad, so young and yet so much pain. I lived and worked in the Heart of Seattle Grunge, most of those around me were College Students, so I listened to alot of grunge, even liked some of it. One of the Sound Garden's Girlfriends was my son's haircutter, and we had "bands" that practiced in the houses all around was a part of the Life at that time. College kids dragging mattresses to the basement ( to improve the " sound quality " ) As a homecare nurse traveling from home to home during that era I listened to alot of music...grunge to Bette Midler to Musicals to whale music..But there are songs that were woven into the History and Fabric of that era....And there were Voices and Faces that had a Message...Kurt was one, but pain and drugs that were his muse also hurt his life...Gone Too Soon, Gone Too Young....a truly tormented soul.

*** really beautiful tribute and memory linked to the Title...and more on Skippy and C&L...***

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Hairspray Queen said...

Although I live far away from America I often imagine, what did (Seattle) people feel, when they became to know, that Kurt Cobain has killed himself.
Anyway, I like your post.