Monday, April 06, 2009

Homelessness Updates for April : Rapid Rises in Lower Middle Income Families Effected.......

From the USA article today :
"Cities and counties are reporting a sharp increase in homeless families as the economic crisis leads to job loss and makes housing unaffordable.In Seattle, 40% more people are living on suburban streets. In Miami, calls from people with eviction notices have quadrupled."The demand from families with children has increased dramatically," says Robert Hess of New York City's Department of Homeless Services. Each month since September, shelter requests have been at least 20% higher than they were a year ago.The Department of Housing and Urban Development requires a one-day count in January of people living on the street, in shelters or in transitional housing. National figures have not been compiled."

** ( Okay- someone will have to explain to me WHY the DHHS only does ONE ONE Day Count ??? I do know in the Beginning of January I went to the DHHS website for Information on Homelessness- and there was ONLY one page- and NO Stats had been updated since....wait for it.....yes, the 2000 Census....So that means that NO ONE has Counted Real People- the Homeless for NINE years.....)****

Of 56 places where figures were available, 35 reported an increase in homelessness; 12 had a drop.

***** ( For anyone that reads about Shelter Numbers, remember these are numbers of those at the Shelters, what we really need is how many are turned away.)****

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"People who were on the edge can't hold on anymore," says Cathy ten Broeke homelessness project coordinator in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. She says 1,251 families sought emergency shelter last year, up from 1,032 in 2007.

• In Chicago, calls to a homelessness prevention hotline were 59% higher in February than a year earlier, says Nancy Radner, head of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. "We're getting requests from people earning more than $30,000 a year, even $65,000. That's unprecedented."
• In Los Angeles, 620 families used the winter shelter program this winter, compared with 330 families a year earlier, manager David Martel says.
• In the Phoenix area, 230 people in families were living on the street in January; there were 49 a year ago. There were 139 children younger than 18 living on the street on their own, according to the Maricopa Association of Governments.
• In Miami-Dade County, the number of people calling for help after getting an eviction notice jumped from 1,000 in 2007 to 4,000 last year, David Raymond of the county's Homeless Trust says. "We've beefed up our prevention efforts," he says, so fewer people become homeless.
• In the Seattle area, street homelessness increased 2% overall but 40% in the suburbs, where the number living in cars rose from 229 last year to 339, homelessness project director Bill Block says.

****** ( Seattle is where the Mayor has been less than gracious about Homeless Issues and harsh on the Tent Cities, so they now name they Nickelsville's to honor his "compassion" )****


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. I had two families move out of my complex last week, and no one to rent the empty units.

I'm also seeing more homeless in front of stores and strip malls, too.

I thought the increase in the number of liquor stores and payday loan sharks in my 'hood was a sad sight.

enigma4ever said...

yeah....times are achanging....not pretty....

Annette said...

people living on the street, in shelters or in transitional housing

Not just in shelters... it says on the street also, or it transitional housing. So they are counting more than just the ones inside the shelters... I don't know about any that are turned doesn't address them.. but I would say that would be the ones on the street.. so I guess they are counted.

As for it not being done since January.. If it was done then..say towards the end of them month, after Obama took office, which is what I am thinking..Then the data was compiled in Feb. and then was released in March... it is just the 1st of April.. not really that long. I assume there will be new data coming out for Feb. later on this month... When you are gathering information for 50 states and a number of large cities the data comes in slow and it takes a while to compile and release it. I am just glad it is coming out..

enigma4ever said...

please know I am very glad that it is being tracked- and I have been trying to track it too ( and working on bringing it to people's attention for over 4 years)...and have been searching and compiling ( it is nice that it even gets covered now- it wasn't a year ago..)

About the Count- I understand....I have watched alot of the Homeless and Tent City Interviews and interviewed Homeless here, most times the Shelters keep waiting lists- and that helps with some numbers, but not all of them give their names. Others, ie the car and Trailer Homeless- they are not willing to give their names- most owe money- taxes, insurance etc.....

I wrote my first Homeless Posts in 2005....and people wrote and said they were shocked....( at that Time Downtown Cleveland's Numbers were estimated over 6000...and many were sick, from Brain Trauma Vets to PTSD to AIDS...I spent my first summer here taking photos and interviewing homeless.....I also gave out sandwichs and water...In winter it was counting people sleeping grates downtown....this situation will always tug at my heart...always...)