Monday, April 06, 2009

Tyra Banks Interview of Levi Johnston airs today ( taped 3 weeks ago).....

This poor kid has been dragged through the media for months...but I support that we as Bloggers let him have his say...and he and his family deserve to be able to speak their side of what happened last summer ( other than being dragged into the spotlight at the Convention )....Okay, I confessed I watched it..and Tyra was actually very kind to him, he really is a just a shy kid...And much as Sarah said he did it for money- not true- there was not a dime exchanged for the Interview, he just wanted to tell his Truth. And he does tell the truth about being engaged ( JUNE 2008) and getting Bristol's also a good lesson for young people about "wardrobe failures"....
Part One of Interview::

Now Annette saw this first- but about 7 minutes in there is a part where photos are shown, esp the one with Mercedes, and Sarah and A BABY- BUT if you want to know more about THAT photo- click the title....basically it is NOT baby's trig ( look for the photo of Sarah in shorts...)
Here is an added perspective this is CBC footage from Convention Week 2008 .


Gryphen said...

Watch that video again and pause it around the 7 minute mark

Recognize that picture?

Enigma4ever said...

the first photo of sara in shorts is the photo of mercedes page...right? the trigg photo from fall -right ? the one I thought was from a hospital room ?

( a couple of the photos with a newborn look summery? or warmer? definently not December ?)

enigma4ever said...

hey there- send folks to this page, that might help explain the baby issue,,

the walking man said...

There must be trailer parks in AK.

enigma4ever said... are so funny- you really should write comedy-