Monday, June 20, 2011

Planned Parenthood Under Attack in at least 12 States jeopardizing Medical Care for Millions of Women.....

The GOP is on a rampage to destroy Planned Parenthood and State by State they are shredding the Medical Services that are provided to Millions of Women yearly. The ironic part of this destructive maneuvering is that the Republicans glorify themselves saying it is about "Saving Lives". Yet their campaign is based on spreading lies and fear and pure ignorance. For in fact Planned Parenthood does provide Birth Control advice and prescriptions for contraceptive care and family planning, but they provide so much more. How this Vital Medical Service is being attacked across the Country is very concerning, as basically Religious Ideologues are controlling the Medical Destiny of Millions of Women.

More from this NJ Planned Parenthood Press Release explains that around the Country States with Republican Leadership are stripping funds for Reproductive Care programs and even re-writing Laws that would effect care. According to the NYT more than 60 laws have been written or altered this year, 30 since April. ( This link has more info/details).

Snippet from the Planned Parenthood Press Release::::
Across the country, Republican state legislatures are chipping away at women’s reproductive rights. In some places, they’re more than chipping away; they’re taking an axe to them. According to The New York Times, at least 64 new anti-abortion laws have passed this year, with more than 30 in April alone. For example, The Times reported, “Virginia started regulating abortion clinics as if they were hospitals. Utah, Nebraska and several other states have stopped private health insurers from covering abortions, with rare exceptions. South Dakota will soon tell women that before they go to an abortion clinic, they must first visit a crisis pregnancy center whose mission is to talk them out of it.”

It also does provide abortions or access to abortion services, BUT less than 3% of their Budget goes to actual Abortion Care and procedures.But over 90% of their Budgeted Care is for Medical Services that many Uninsured ,and Under-Insured , and Working Poor Women would not have access to otherwise. These Medical Services include Cancer Screenings, HIV/AIDS Screening/Care arrangement, Infection Screenings and prescriptions, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy Planning and care, Midlife Care, even Infertility Care. And yes Men are provided care as well for Birth Control and Infections ( STDS) and HIV/AIDS. Accessible Medical Care is provided for millions, some are on Medicaid and some are Uninsured with no other affordable sliding scale access.

Medically what the GOP Governors and House are doing to Women's Health Care around the Country is dangerous. 72% of the Women Clients who receive Medical Care from Planned Parenthood are living below or at the Federal Poverty Level. Even if they are on Medicaid their choices for Care are limited. The GOP is now trying to spin their care as Costly and wasteful. ( This could not be further from the truth, Planned Parenthood is providing lifesaving Medical Care for up to 3 Million women a year). At this point Planned Parenthood Services are in jeopardy in at least Eight States : including Utah,Virginia,South Dakota,Minnesota, North Carolina,Florida,Arizona and Indiana. ( Four Other States are waiting in the wings to move forward with Legislation and Budget cuts as listed in the Article round up at end of this post).

(Reuters) Medicaid Patients/women that no longer will be able to get Medical care from Planned Parenthood Indiana. The Governor of Indiana has signed into Law a Bill that actually will damage Lives, not save them.

Planned Parenthood Facts This is the Planned Parenthood FactSheet please share this link and read up on actual Services.
(1) Less than 3% of Planned Parenthood Budget is actually spent on Abortion Services.
(2) 72% of the Women that are served with Medical Care live below the Federally imposed poverty line. Yet this includes working poor who are Uninsured and even those on Medicaid.
(3) More than 500 Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Care Centers provide care to over 3 Million Women ( estimates are 3 -5 Million depending on the year. Men also are cared for in a smaller number. Actual Medical Appointments and Treatments is over 10 Million per year. On Another note 3-5 Million are also served by Planned Parenthood abroad helping decrease infant and maternal mortality rates as well as Fighting the AIDS epidemic abroad.
(4) 17% of Budgeted Services is for Cancer Screenings .
(5) More than 90% of Medical Care provided is not just reproductive care, but actual Medical Care that ranges from Prenatal Care to Midlife Care to Infections to Cancer Screenings. Planned Parenthood is for some women their ONLY source of Medical Care.
(6) Planned Parenthood has provided Medical Care and Health Services to Millions for over 85 years, it is a well established organized Medical Organization. Sadly it is now as politically vulnerable as ACORN was 2 years ago, even though it has provided care for Millions.
Lizz Winstead is doing a Tour this Summer to Support Planned Parenthood. This is her blog that tells more about the tour, please share this Tour with friends and help support, advocate and educate for Planned Parenthood. This link has more about the actual Tour, Dates and how to Donate and support Lizz's efforts to help Planned Parenthood.
Enigma Personal Note: As a young nursing student living on limited funds, I found out that I had Endometriosis, and it was thanks to the fine medical care I received at Planned Parenthood. I was able to get my care and condition monitored, as I coped with excessive bleeding,infections and miscarriages and fertility concerns. I am grateful to them for the care I received and the help they gave for many years. It was care for a condition I could have not afforded otherwise. I even volunteered there as a way to give back. Many many women have stories of the care they received and the gratitude they feel for this fine Medical Organization.
Articles on the Different States Battles for Planned Parenthood:
(1) New Jersey Planned Parenthood Press Release has more on increasing number of effected States.
(2) This Article from Boston chronicles the ongoing battle in Arizona for Low Income Women to have access to care.
(3) Gail Collins wrote in the Opinion Section of NYT in February 2011 that the New House has placed the Planned Parenthood Organization Under Siege making drastic changes to existing care for women in this country.
(4) I started actually reading ( spying on ) Conservative Blogs ( like the one linked here) and it turns out that Many more States are on the Target List including West Virginia, Tennessee , Kansas and New Jersey. This Battle is far from over and the GOP operatives are already maneuvering in many states, so we must be more aware and involved to Protect Planned Parenthood's Mission to provide Medical Care for Millions of Women.
Tuesday Night Update :::
Please think about donating to Planned Parenthood, they need our help and support, Contact your local branch. If you want to specifically donate to the Indiana Planned Parenthood Please use this LINK.


Bellesouth said...

I am now a Monthly Sustaining Member of Planned Parenthood.

I got a call from someone from PP thanking me for my initial donation. When she asked me if I'd like to begin making monthly donations, there was no question about it.

I and a lot of my friends used Planned Parenthood for women's health, pap smears, birth control and even primary care. I've set foot in Planned Parenthood many times and not once was it related to pregnancy or abortion.

We owe it to Margaret Sanger - the woman who brought birth control access to every American woman - to keep Planned Parenthood open and running.

enigma4ever said...

Thank you for doing that Bellesouth-bless you for caring....

( I am adding a Donation info esp re. Indiana....)

I am have written to the Planned Parenthood asking to volunteer as a Nurse for them...I cant sit home and be ok with this anymore...

Fran said...

This whole facade about cutting out planned Parenthood because of abortions is BS.
If the GOP cared about health care, they would fund healthcare in general. PP is a lifeline, offering essential services to those in need.

tom said...

They care about PROFITS for their masters, and about throwing bones to their rabid teapartiers
(could not say rabid dogs, LOL we LIKE dogs, especially YELLOW DOGS)
(and of course collies)

Paul D. said...

Everyone, please look at the facts. The PP in my city is open 6 days a week. Monday has very few customers, Tuesday has some prenatal care customers and birth control customers. Wed. has some birth control customers. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are abortion days and they are the busiest days by far. One can tell who are the abortion clients - they are usually smoking and are very nervous. So, it's easy to tell that most of the clients during any given week are for abortion clients. PP pushes abortion and not choice. Look at their adoption referrals to abortions or their prenatal clients to abortions. Not even close. Majority of pp clients are birth control or abortion. PP's Gutmacher Institute says that 40% of women who have abortion used birth control. When it fails, PP is there for abortion. So, this is PP's busienss model. Push sex ed in the schools while promoting promiscuity. Offer birth control while claiming that it reduces abortion. Then, be there when Birth control fails. Quite the slick business. Meanwhile, PP gets loads of county, state and federal tax dollars. The PP in our city has $4 million in the bank and stocks. They double dip their grants sending the same grant applications to our county and the Title X money. They bank any extra money while paying their employees very well. And when they have enough money stashed away they try to open up another abortion clinic nearby. This is happening in southeast Michigan.

We need to follow the lead by Indiana, Texas, North Carolina and New Jerssy in eliminating our tax dollars from going to PP.

Paul D. said...

Forgot to say that women on Medicaid can go to Federally Qualified Health Centers to get everything that PP offers, except abortions. FQHC's offer low or no cost prenatal care, birth contol and STD testing.

Also, Margaret Sanger was a racist. Many quotes by her are unreal.

Also, Natural family planning is by far much more healthier for women that oral or other types of contraception. Check it out. It will improve your health and help improve marriages.