Saturday, November 01, 2008

Then it was Saturday...3 Days to go.....

This is my day off, so I am cleaning and doing errands....Keep the Faith and KNOW that this is almost over...WE CAN DO THIS...
And the music for the Afternoon....has to be John Legend...because we had a little lovefest going on here for him last night....He is amazing.....John Legend ( for Obama, this is the tape from him rehearsing at the Convention in August, he gave an interview talking about Change....and the song is "Are you Out There"....)

And then this wonderful NEW Obama song, by Stacy Beyer, produced by Bruce Welsso , and Ironworks Productions...."Yes We Can"....


Beach Bum said...

Keeping faith in Obama, its the American people that worry me.

NEWSGUY said...

The suspense is killing me. It is making my wife so nervous she breaks out in tears. The whole country is on edge, wondering about the outcome. As my wife said, "Obama is gonna win the election, and the Republicans are gonna try to steal it."

I'm seeing long long lines of voters on TV and I am saying, what the hell kind of country is this where people have to wait in line for hours and hours to vote? Why don't we have an adequate consistent nationwide voting system the encourages everyone to vote. And most people are suspicious that their votes will actually count and that the machines will flip their votes. Funny how the flip alsways seems to be Dem to GOP, never the other way 'round.

The United States of America has turned into a kind of third-world banana republic under the criminals who currently run it. Health care is not even second rate in this freakin country, it is worse than third rate, We have more people in prison per capita than Stalin ever did, and more now than China.

The countdown is unbearable. I think there will be major screwuips, brought on by Republican shenanigans. Like Warren Zevon said, "Bring lawyers, guns and money," Barack, because the GOP Mafioso ain't gonna give it up easy. They'll use whatever Brownshirt tactics they think with put their man in the White House. I wish it were Wednesday. But even then, it might not be over.

tom said...

In the words of that old Irish ballad, "A Nation Once Again"
I get weepy just thinking about it
think of it
a) money spent on infrastructure
b) money on Education
c) Defunding the Blackwaters of this world
d) re-regulating the financial world
e) RE - establishing our PROPER rold in the world as a LIBERAL DEMOCRACY (see the words of George Washington)
f) Putting SCIENCE and reason back in charge of the country (that is gonna hurt our american taliban)
woo hoo

oh, and LOTS MORE

Jan said...

Great picture on top!!

Fran said...

Nice photo!
Hey~ Obama was in my town twice, the first time in an indoor venue. People waited for hours to see/hear him and the venue, held 10,000? was filled to the max. Local stations broadcast the speech in it's entirety.

Are any local stations going to broadcast in your area?