Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Morning ...2 Days to go....

“The Change we want must come from within.”~ Jim Hightower
Today I am working all day and then going to TRY to Early Vote ( read my post below to learn why I am so worried ).....Have a good day...Phone Bank and Bang on doors what you can...Go Obama...( Click the Title for a's a different Electoral College map tracker....) For another smile, the Newpapers Endorsements soar Obama 240 to McCain 104.... If you think I am whining about my Voting this Story from Oklahoma, NathGuy tells his story of Trying To Vote It will Amaze you. I don't know about you, but when was the last time that we had lines in Oklahoma and North Carolina and Georgia ? Wow....

( Need a laugh ? Palin Spoke to Sarkozy.... omg toooo funny.
and 6-6 wanted to know about Halloween masks perdicting the Election here is the answer...)
Sunday Night Music....Five For Fighting "World"....really inspring...


enigma4ever said...

Saturday Night news..2am

With early voting now coming to an end, a new CBS poll finds that Barack Obama has already banked a massive lead going into Election Day, which John McCain will have a tough job overcoming.

The numbers: Among the subset of early voters, Obama has built up a lead of 57%-38%. Among all likely voters, including both the early vote and those people who haven't gone yet, it's 54%-41%.

With the common estimate being that roughly one third of all ballots cast this year will be early votes, this means McCain would have to win the the remaining votes on Election Day by a margin of nearly ten points just to eke out a narrow win in the overall popular vote.

enigma4ever said...

The Above news is from TPM Central...

( can't sleep....)

enigma4ever said...

Obama Events Calendar:::
11/1 Barack and Michelle in Springfield, MO (LIVE) @ 10pm EST
11/2 Barack and Michelle in Columbus, OH (LIVE) @ 1pm EST
11/2 Barack and Michelle in Cleveland, OH (LIVE) @ 5pm EST
11/2 Barack in Cincinnati, OH (LIVE) @ 9pm EST
11/2 Joe and Jill in Tallahassee, FL (LIVE) @ 1pm EST
11/2 Joe and Jill in Gainesville, FL (LIVE) @ 4pm EST
11/2 Joe and Jill in Daytona Beach, FL (LIVE) @ 9pm EST
11/3 Barack in Jacksonville, FL (LIVE) @ 10:30am EST

Ingrid said...

I'm tuning out...I'm gonna go kookoo in the next two days so..wake me up when it's done, I'm a nervous wreck..that and I cannot locate passport and greencard in the event of 'happy news'.. (happy day oh happy day where art thou??)

good luck with the voting E!!


enigma4ever said...

USA Gallop Poll 53% Obama to 42 McCain ....WOW...
weekend poll..

tom said...

In the immortal words of Meatloaf
I can see paradise by the dash board light......
he he
The DASHBOARD light of light at the end of the BUSH tunnel
(how's that for mixing my musical metaphors...)
200 thousand in OHIO for an Obama Rally with a little help from the BOSS
(patron saint of New Jersey!)
we will be HEALED in two days