Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prop 8 , Is it Legal ? Really ? The Battle goes on....

So The Mercury News article linked to the title explores some of the legality and the legal complications of Prop 8 .and then today we learned it will head to Supreme Court to be challlenged and re-examined. What boggles the brain is that was it even legal to put it on the ballot ?


Fran said...

That is the problem with the open/public ballot measure process, often people do put things on it that turn out to be legal or practical nightmares.

I do hope it is thrown out, but the fact is 30 States have gay marriage bans. This has to be resolved on a Federal level, because even if they overturn it in California, (which I hope they do), it would remain illegal in 29 other states.


enigma4ever said...

I agree with should be decided Federally ( BUT not with the current people or bench in place .....there is time to do this in a way that benifits ALL....and honors all...Love should be protected in the Constitution....just like Health it is a RIGHT.....)