Friday, October 02, 2009

America did not get the Olympic Bid and Maybe we need to look at HOW the World Sees us.....

First off I want to thank the President and the First Lady for their hard work and beautiful speeches in Copenhagen. The team did a good job presenting Chicago.As much as Barack Obama and Michelle have put a new face on America....the World is Watching and they have seen much about America this year....and they also remember Bush.

And then this year ...What have they seen....Angry Republicans trying to block Obama at every move, on the airwaves acting like spoiled Children. The Tea Baggers and the Tea Party Protest in DC was seen around the world, and people were horrified by the photos. And they have seen the Truth about our Health Care Battle and how horrible that situation is, I have gotten letters and emails from all over, far away, asking HOW could our Country and Government let people die without Care.

WHO we are as a People and the Empathy Deficit has been seen by the whole world, and also the Greed and Ignorance by the Repugs and Blue Dogs has been seen....It is not up to Obama to change the past 8 years or the Current Hostile Toxic Political Environment.

I congratulate RIO it is time for South America to have this Opportunity.
Drunk Bush at China Olympics August 2008.....not that long ago.


Human said...

And the Sick Bastards are cheering about it. I have the video.

enigma4ever said...

yeah, I saw it - it is all over the internet tonight...


we still have alot to do to repair...
and those idiots are not helping..
I look at those people and think WHO are you ???

the walking man said...

The Olympics went where they belonged. Can anyone find an Olympic event that ever happened in South America? As close as they have ever been is Mexico City 1968.

As for the shriekers...they are idiots and the sooner everyone turns them off the television and radio the sooner the Nielsen will drop their ratings.

enigma4ever said...

Walking Man,
I think having the Olympics in South America is long overdue, and about time, and I think that our team presented a good case....the IOC is not a bunch of athletes it is Business Men- they want to see a location that makes business sense.

I think RIO and Madrid were both socially warmer- more hospitable. I read some European papers - another huge concern was our Patriot Act/VISA issues...would all people be allowed to come..etc.
But also seriously after 8 years of illegal war and gitmo and torture and renditioning etc....and Bush and Cheney.....the world has a right to view us with great questions....They also have been following the antics of the Repugs- in foriegn papers they are called the Christian Conservative party...( which is far from complimentary- and highly accurate)...and also reflects their concerns about how Repugs talk of Immigrants and Foriegn people...also foreign papers are horrified at how our healthcare system is so broken.

And about the Conservatives gleeful over it-I don't think we should ignore it- it is an illness- turning off the TV will not stop the illness- we have to be mindful of it- watch it- I am not saying to give them attention. But be aware- because people in other countries are watching and are concerned....and they should be...that level is dangerous...

Fran said...

I had mixed feelings about Obama going to Denmark to bid for the Olympics.

How much did it cost the taxpayers for this jaunt?

Can't they do video conferencing???

Money wise, environmentally it seems wasteful.

I did not care so much either way who hosted the Olympics-- but do think Olympic events are a security nightmare.

Anyway.... I am glad Rio got it. S. America deserves to have it's turn.

Maybe the IOC just never recovered from that horrific and embarrassing opening event in Atlanta with the pick up trucks circling around.

America-- the country that sucks gas, & will to go to war for oil.... still.

the walking man said...

E...i am more of a mind to mock them but even that becomes boring with their repetitious seditious behaviors fueled by the corporacracy needs for mouthpiece whores.

libhom said...

People are forgetting that the majority of people in Chicago did not support the bid. Progressive and liberal activists there fought against it very hard.

I totally support them. I was absolutely against Bloomberg's idiotic NYC bid. I think we should congratulate the Chicago activists on a well fought victory.