Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Trouble In Afghanistan:::Karzai's Brother CIA Paid Drug Lord=8 years

Click the title and read about this mess from the DailyKos...Raises many Interesting Questions about Karzai and his relationship with this situation, as well as the Trouble with the War Lords,Drug Lords,Opium Trade,and the Unrest that has worsened in recent monthes...During the Night there was Unrest and Explosions in Kabul ( near hotel where foreigners were).
More here from LATimes about the UN Workers killed in Kabul in a guest house.
HuffingtonPost has more on this... I read this and I was struck that Kazai's Brother was in "Business" there before Karzai was put in place ? And his brother was a Drug Lord - would have had many interesting relationships with Farmers and the intricacies of the Drug Trade, including working relationship of Al Queda that was there ( sharing resources/sources of Money and Weapons). When articles state he was working there for over 8 years for the CIA and getting paid, I would very much like to know was he there in 2001 BEFORE 911 ? and What was his role and WHO did he work with and know ? And yes, there should be Hearings on this, and Tenet, Goss and Condi should be questioned ( and the CIA chief after Goss).
And NYT has more by writers, including James Risen in this situation.... In this article it is clear he was not a small kingpin - he was a major player- and has been for a long time. It is odd that it never came to light before now,but clearly you read this article and you do see that Karzai's Legitimacy was clearly called out in this election.And perhaps if his brother did have a Paramilitary cartel as part of his Empowerment- one could not help but contemplate the events at the elections indeed might be well connected to Karzai.
The Development raises many interesting questions, including:
(1) How is our Military involved with the People there, the Opium Trade and the drug lords, and HOW are we viewed as this information comes to light. Are we viewed as contributing to the blood bathes ? the Unrest? the Occupation ?
(2) When CNN describes Battles with Insurgents- WHAT does that mean- is it more that our soldiers and the people there are caught in Drug Battle Zones ?
(3) CNN last night was saying in the Middle of the Night "How Unfortunate that this came to light while Obama is wrestling with Troop Decisions and the Election repeat is next week"... I disagree, I think it is not an accident that this Finally was revealed and is a Signifigant Problem that the people there are WELL aware of and indeed may explain alot of recent violence and fracturouse relations. Karzai and his brother indeed might be contributing to a power struggle that we should not be a part of or contribute to further. The people there did show up and vote for another candidate- willingly and knowingly. Obama indeed needs ALL facts and Truth to make smart strong decisions during this Mess - instead CNN is still trying to call Afghanistan "Obama's War", when we ALL know that Bush created BOTH wars, and BOTH Messes,What Obama inherited is now becoming very clear on many fronts.....and it is Worse than Vietnam.


libhom said...

Karzai himself used to work for a big oil company, which to me is even worse.

landsker said...

There`s a lady called Sibel Edmonds, who was employed by the FBI as a translator.
She successfully identified many of the major players in the heroin game.
She was suspended from work and ordered not to reveal any of those names.
However, the details can be found "on the web", and the names of the cabal include some US politicians and senior military/intelligence figures, and implicates Afghan and Turkish politicians and military personnel.
The trade in illicit heroin is devastating the lives of millions, and is being conducted by the very people who are tasked with its` eradication.