Monday, October 26, 2009

New England Journal of Medicine : Article on where Doctors stand on Public Plan in the title

It's sad this article did not come out sooner in the battle, but here it is, finally putting forth what most physicians are seeking in reform. Do read about their research and the poll they did with physicians. Also on the article page there is a poll for the Public Option , it is trending for the Public Option at 71%.

Here is a snippet:::
"In the past few months, a key point of contention in the health care reform debate has been whether a public health insurance option should be included in the final legislation. Although polls have shown that 52 to 69% of Americans support such an option,1 the views of physicians are unclear. Physicians are critical stakeholders in health care reform and have been influential in shaping health policy throughout the history of organized medicine in the United States.2

The voices of physicians in the current debate have emanated almost exclusively from national physicians’ groups and societies. Like any special-interest group, these organizations claim to represent their members (and often nonmembers as well). The result is a well-established understanding of the interests of physicians’ societies but little, if any, understanding of views among physicians in general. Faced with this absence of empirical data, we conducted a national survey of physicians to inform federal policymakers about physicians’ views of proposed expansions of health care coverage."

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