Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now We have a 2 Year Old in the news Denied Coverage because she is UnderWeight...

Click the Title to read the post, but do see that she is cute as a button, at 2, and she weighs 22 pounds.The Insurance Industry is still rationing care, setting up arbitrary rules about who they cover. A week ago we learned of a little baby at 4 monthes who was denied coverage because he was too large, now we have a little toddler denied care because she is too small ? It might be that she has other health problems, the article mentions gag reflex problems ( many infants do have gag issues associated with gastric reflux, they can still be quite healthy as they continue to grow, but they do need medical followup and care. I am not sure if this applies to this case, but no children should be denied care or coverage due to "weight" or height ,especially while they are growing and changing.

(( Enigma Personal Note: My son was a premie with gastric reflux disease,yeah 6-6, and he was never on the charts for height and weight, not once...and even the first year of his regurg year, he was big and relatively healthy...but it was also because he had great medical care and we had insurance that covered his care.))

We can regulate Insurance Industry greed, I do believe that there must be a way to do that. But can we regulate Evil ?
Thursday October 22 UPDATE:
In the News this AM the Insurance Company has been shamed into reversing their decision and is now going to cover the child under her parent's policy.

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