Friday, October 23, 2009

MUST SEE AD, please share this ad from Americans For Stable Quality Care, it's called "HOME"...

Twitter this ad:::
This ad is part of the work of Americans For Stable Quality Care, many health care providers set up this alliance, and their campaign is about morally providing care to all that is affordable and accessible.( Doctors,Nurses,Pharmacists,Nurse Practioners).
At this point the more Alliances the better to to fight the Insurance Industry and show what they have done to our country and normal Americans. American families should not be losing homes to try to pay for healthcare that Insurance Companies have denied. As you watch this video, remember 500,000 people are fighting Cancer already denied Care and Claims by their Insurance Company, so that requires people do things like take a second mortgage or lose their homes...62-70% of ALL Bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt.
Friday Update:::

I blogged earlier in the week about Ian Pearl and his battle with Muscular Dystrophy and his Insurance Company of NY -Guardian and how internal emails called him a "Dog", and had changed his coverage denying him the HomeCare he needs to stay alive.Today the CEO Dennis Manning, issued a statement and an apology. Ian is to have his care and benifits returned so he can get the care he needs and his care is not to be terminated on December1. CNN updated this story about an hour ago, and I will post Jim Acosta's video when I find it.Thank you to the MSM and all of the fine Internet folks,bloggers, and Twitter folks that worked on this situation this week.

Scroll down, earlier this week we learned of Aislen Bates and her parents battle when Insurance Company cancelled her policy because she was too small at 2 years old. Yesterday after the story was all over the Internet and twitterland and blogland and the MSM, the Company reviewed the situation and has decided to reinstate her policy and her care.
Don't forget to see Anthony Weiner's Website and sign up so he can continue to map the PublicOption Support , he also blogs daily giving updates on the Battle.


Fran said...

I posted a real life ad from the classifieds on my blog today-- right out of today's newspaper.

But this ad you posted.... depicting a man selling his house.... (lots of people in medical crisis/bankruptcy) wind up with foreclosures....
but in today's market, it is not likely the damned house will even sell.

Even if it sold, the total sale price might not even cover the cost of lengthy sickness.

REally liked that Al Franken hearing w him asking how many medical bankruptcies there are in other countries..... zero!

This for profit scheme has us paying more & getting less.

enigma4ever said...

I thought the same thing as he put the 4sale sign out my hood it would sit for 2 years...

really sad...but very real...

I liked this ad...because it was really what is happening..I have said all along we should have ads like this- that really show what is really going on, and more personal stories- because person after person has come forward with horror stories....I hope that somehow we end up on a path that makes a difference to....Healthcare for all...

I breath..I hope...