Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Insurance Company Dropping People it calls "DOGS",Do read Ian Pearl's story and share....Hideous...

Click the Title to read Ian Pearl's story, and also read his Own Story that he wrote on on Huffington Post that explains how he was called a Dog by his Insurance Company, and faces losing care on Dec1.... Pearl was and is being cancelled, even though clearly his life depends on his Health Care Coverage and healthcare being provided. And clearly he is not a "DOG",clearly he does need care as he suffers Muscular Dystrophy. He was living at home with Nursing Care, now he has been moved out of his home, away from family as Care is being Dictated by his Insurance Company. Now his Insurance Company has labeled him as a "Dog", and also decided that they won't discriminate against just him, they will discriminate against all the M.D patients in New York.This story is also important to follow,as it may have deep implications for other HomeCare patients and their fates.People living with Chronic Devastating illnesses should be able to live at home. ( meanwhile Guardian did it to cut costs yet they made 386 Million in Profit last year).Please do share this story and send to Media.THINK PROGRESS did the story first , and now it is spreading over the Internet.

You can watch the CNN coverage here, please do send and share it.

Here is link for CNN coverage to RT on Twitter:,

Washington Times has the whole story plus the DOG emails....It seems like daily we are getting more and more proof that the Insurance Companies are the ONLY Death Panels we have, and they are hellbent on killing people with existing disease or chronic illnesses. NO ONE should be threatened with this kind of "Care". People should not be denied care or facing death so that Insurance Companies can Profit.
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enigma4ever said...
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enigma4ever said...

I am trying to find out salaries and bonuses of the CEO's of Guardian, but I did find this little gem by MrManning the CEO::::

"When I hear how lives are being changed as a result of our community involvement efforts, it makes me proud to lead a company like Guardian, which remains committed to enriching the lives of the people we touch – even in the face of challenging economic times. By continuing to support the various organizations that provide assistance to the communities in which we operate, our associates are living out our values of ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘people count,’ and their actions reflect why they are our most valuable asset. Whether it be through the extension of a helping hand to those in need, the sharing of their time or talent, or the simple act of financial support, our company, and the associates who bring it to life every day, are making a measurable difference by helping to build better tomorrows for others. This is something we can all be proud of."

Dennis J. Manning
President and CEO
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

AArdvarker said...

enigma, ya gotta have some sympathy for the insurance companies...their profits dipped just a bit below 3 zillion percent.

Robert Rouse said...

You would think the Health Car Cabal would cool this sort of shit while Congress is debating their future. Unfortunately, the Reich Wing is giving them so much hope that they're willing to be asswipes in front of the whole nation without worry. I hope stunts like these end up shooting them in the ass big time. New regulations and a public option to boot.

Then we'll use that boot to kick HMOs to the curb.

Fran said...

The announcer said (at the end of the video clip).... that's an amazing story.

No-- that's an appalling story.

Do I sense a Death Panel @ Guardian In$urance???

They insure the CEO is filthy rich.