Monday, November 23, 2009

The Story Of Jenny...Health Care Story MUST Read...WHY we need Reform..

{ This story originally posted 11.15.09 and now Huffpost and Countdown are sharing the Hough's Story this week, please do read the Story linked to the Title as it is Midge explaining what Happened to her lovely Daughter-in-law and unborn is a story that must be told and shared.Thank you.}
This family went through hell...watching a young mom die without Health Insurance and without adequate care. Please read the story linked to the title, and you will be haunted how this young mom got so sick and died.As a young pregnant mom she needed prenatal care and good care,especially with the Swine Flu attacking young moms she should have received better care,whether or not she was Insured. As a nurse her story haunts me...worries me. Today her brave mother-in-law Midge went to a #HCR rally where she was met with the Wrath and stupidity of Teabaggers....What kind of country are we-that we let young moms die like this ? Where Self Righteous Repugs and TeaBaggers can insult a grieving mom at a TownHall Meeting about Healthcare for all of us ? How Broken are we ? Are we so Broken that a Lack of Compassion is clouding our Judgement as a Nation ? First do watch the video of Midge telling her family's story:

The Houghs went to a Town Hall Meeting this weekend, with Dan Lipinski.The Rep did indeed try to keep his cool, explain about the HCR bill as it is now, the crowd is hostile, volatile....This is the Teabagger crowd that yelled hurtful insults to this brave grieving couple who go to these events to share their story about WHY Reform is needed...( For Twitter: Link : )Midge Hough wrote this to me when she sent the video,"It's not pretty it shows the evil in humans who should be taking care of each other". She is right to raise this issue, is this why People can not understand this Bill , This Need, is it because they have No Compassion or not enough ? Do watch as Midge bravely tells the story of what happened to her daughter in law, and how she and her unborn baby died and she bravely confronts the audience, some of whom were laughing at the pain of her family. The Video is very well done.

The Houghs Description of their video: "The Chicago Tea Party Movement reveals their true side at Rep. Dan Lipinski's Town Hall Meeting on November 14, 2008 in Oak Lawn IL. It is hard to believe just how ugly they have become."
This story must be shared please do forward either on Facebook or Twitter or on the Blogs. Thank You.
This week, Other blogs and media are sharing the Houghs Story::
November 23rd Raw Story did the story and updated it.
Huffington Post also did cover the situation Nov23.
Think Progress ran story 11.23.09 also exposing the Heckling Teabaggers.
Wednesday November 25th, The Houghs were interviewed and their story told in the Ed Show MSNBC:

Jenny's Memorial Tribute video:


Fran said...

Wow ! That is a gut wrenching story.
Glad her extended family is telling her story-- and the underlying story- if you go for care w/o insurance, you get minimal care. Bandaid aspirin care-- how could the ER have missed double pneumonia w sepsis?
That first hospital should be charged w double murder- because both she & her unborn baby died.
Shameful & tragic.

Fran said...

By the way-- The Mad as Hell Doctors are still mad & coming to speak in my town this week.
I want to hear them live.

enigma4ever said...

Go hear them fran...
I only know them from Twitter and online etc...they are good guys...

about this family -it's so so sad...and WRONG...what happened should not have happened....I sent her story off to Ed,Keith and Rachel and Shuster....but there should not be stories like this all...

I am sick of this whole mess..if I didn't have 6-6..I would be long gone from this country...I hope for his sake this gets all sorted out someday....and I know you feel the same way for your son...

the walking man said...

As a nation we are seriously fucked up with the gyroscope of our moral compass broken, not spinning. It no longer matters who is right and who is wrong, who lives or who dies, who has or who doesn't.

The the ONLY thing that matters is WHO WINS.

Mauigirl said...

What a terribly sad story - and it was so avoidable, if only she had been diagnosed sooner. You are right, this is the type of story that has to get out to convince people that we need universal health care.

libhom said...

You can be sure that most of those teabaggers were HMO employees and people paid by the HMOs.

Mar said...

watching this video brought tears to my eyes and nausea deep in my gut. I have viewed it tow more times to try and make some sence of if, all it envokes in me is a deep saddness and fear. As an rn and a indiividual that care this is appaling. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Haock family, and a deep mistrust and disgust goes to the teabsggers

X. Dell said...

Old lawyer saying: if the law's on your side, pound the law; if the facts are on your side, pound the facts; if the emotional weight is on your side, play the jury's heartstrings; if nothing is on your side, pound the table.

The far-right has neither the law, the facts, or the emotions of the mainstream on its side. What else can it do but exort its minions to disrupt and shout down with jingoistic chants of "USA!" (as if this were some type of Olympic event. They feel their side must prevail, simply because it's their side.

I'm not surprised by the reaction of this crowd.

BTW, sad to hear about Grumpy Old Man.

D.K. Raed said...

They laughed at and heckled her ... jeeesus, the insurance cartels have sure done a number on those 'baggers' brains. I guess a billion dollar lobby really does buy people's hearts & minds. And of course, now the insurance companies are threatening to raise premiums if HRC passes ... so my increased premiums will be going to cover their billion dollar lobbying efforts to further reduce coverage. This is all so out of whack.

Celia Harrison said...

They are brainwashed into believing things that are just not true and even contrary to common sense. It was very strange that they laughed, but it is a group think, an angry mob. They are deranged, yet think they are exceedingly clever. That is something which forms from the most primitive parts of our brain. It is the same thinking that is behind chickens pecking another chicken to death.

Distributorcap said...

what a nation we have become -- i think this noble experiment called the US has run its course.........

that was so sad

Fran said...

Friday PM-- the vid has been taken down.
You get a "This video has been removed by the user". message.

Maybe the truth of these whack jobs does not play out well on film?

enigma4ever said...


thanks to all who shared their thoughts and concerns...and yes fran on the 11.25.09 I will let Midge know about the video- that belongs to them and their family- as far as I know they did not take it down- I do know the teaparty woman would most likely want it removed- it has not been picked up by Huffpost,Edshow,Keith and Raw it still needs to work.

enigma4ever said...

Hey access to new video...all fixed- thank you for letting me know..

Dan and Midge were on the Ed Show tonight- but I missed it....I will try to find a clip of it.. and post it.