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A Killer Amoung Us, and How it Happened...Meet Cleveland's Serial Killer..and pray it gets better News Coverage...

Anyone looking at this house in a East Side lower middle class neighborhood would never know that it was a house of horrors.....Last Friday that all changed...forever.

Here in Cleveland we have some problems,joblessness,poverty,foreclosured homes rampant on the East Side. We now have a problem that may have gone under the radar, but now is about to get National Attention...We Hope. Because Something Smells Here in Cleveland, more than just the Rotting Bodies at Imperial Ave. And while we still have Backhoes there, we need National Coverage of this mess that went Under-reported by Police and Media and while Countless Women are still Missing.

Did the Police Fail to Protect an Entire Community from a Sexual Criminal ?
The facts broke Halloween Weekend just like a grisly Stephen King novel leaked...Bodies found at an East Side Residence after Police came to talk to the resident about Sexual Assault Complaints were filed against the Owner. The Owner is a 50 year old man who served time for Sexual Assault& rape,15 years in Prison.In 1989 he assaulted,strangled and raped a woman, he was arrested for this crime and then served 15 years in prison for this crime. In 2005 he left prison he was only required to register his address to his parole officer.Periodically the Police would check that he did live at address he gave Authorities. Meanwhile the Neighborhood had NO idea that a Convicted Rapist was living in their neighborhood these past 4 years. The families and women in that Hood should have been warned. Also one has to wonder were there ANY complaints by women while he lived there ? According to news stations various reports interviewing neighbors, there were calls and complaints about actiivity at that house.

The Women Go Missing.....And No One Knows ?
Over the past few years women started disappearing from the neighborhood. Yet it was not reported on the Local News. Now this week, finally we have seen fliers of these Missing Women and we hear their stories, many are young women with families and children. Yet until this week we knew NOTHING of their Vanishings ? As a woman, a mom, I am outraged. How and Why this happened. Was the Silence about these Missing Women because it is an impoverished area of the East Side ? Was it because the Women are Black ? Because they were poor? Or because Police Services were cut to that district? WHY didn't the Police publicize the Missing Women and take their photos and names to the Local Media ? Would the Media Have Covered their Situation ? Down Below I will post their photos and information I can find on them.At this point We need to know how many are actually missing. Within a one block radius of the House on Imperial supposedly it is up to 8 women Missing. Didn't the Police Map out the Missing Women and Wonder WHY a Cluster of Missing women are from the same area ?

Police had been to Sowell's Home 4 times this past year,Why was he not arrested or Foul Odors Investigated ?

Mr.Sowell was arrested on Saturday Afternoon after Police and Federal Marshalls searched all night for him.They began their search after arriving at him home to speak to him about a woman that claimed she was sexually assaulted at his home on Sept22nd. ( The Public is mystified WHY it took over a month to arrive at his home and question him, much less arrest him for these allegations that involved sexual assault,rape and strangulation with an electrical cord.) During recent days we have learned Police visited his home in December 2008,March2009,June 2009 and September 2009.We learned that supposedly they did not enter home or investigate the foul odors coming from the home. They also did not arrest him or take him for questioning. One other women supposedly filed charges this year, but then dropped her charges due to "Intimidation", and even that was not investigated. On Friday Evening October30th, he was not at the home, but this time the Police did enter and they at first found 2 decomposed Bodies on an upper floor. Over the next 24 hours they would find another partially buried in the basement, and then one in the yard and then two in the backyard. Six Bodies were found by Sunday,in various states of Decomposition, and beyond recognition. By Sunday the Museum of Natural History was contacted by the Police and Coroners Office to help identify bodies, date the decomposition and gender of the bodies. All six so far are women and 5 are known strangulation ( local news reports, there still has been NO formal report or press conference by Police or Coroner's office).

What we learned from watching the Vigil on Monday Nov2nd. About the Missing Women.

Monday Night Clevelanders watched the local news and a Vigil had been planned to be held on Imperial Ave. More than a hundred showed up and not only grieved but shared information about the Missing Women. From local news reports it looks that there are atleast 8 Missing Women from that area of the location. The Families shared fliers and outrage as they realized that none of them knew about Sowell in their area, a Known Rapist, or of the other missing women. And yes, questions started to swirl as People started asking HOW did this happen and How Many are really missing ?

The Issue of the Odors in the Neighborhood
So even Friday Night when the News Crews showed up when questioning people in the neighborhood about Sowell, most did not know him or the house, but many reported a Foul Odor in the Neighborhood." Oh, so bodies were found there, THAT must be the Odor" I saw three separate interviews on different stations where people reported the Odor. On another station a person reported that Neighbors had always thought the Odors Originated from the Sausage Factory. On Monday Channel 5 went and interviewed Sausage Workers, and they too had smelled the Odors and said they did not know the smell came from. All described it as a "Rotting Animal Smell", one Sausage worker said " I thought maybe some animal had died in the Sewer".

Sowells History :::Scraping and Many Boxes of Large Garbage bags
On Monday Nov2 Channel5 News Ron Reagon went and interviewed the local Grocer in the Neighborhood, and the owner admitted that yes he knew Sowell quite well," because he was frequently in buying LARGE BOXES OF LARGE STURDY HEFTY GARBAGE BAGS" .Tuesday November3 the street was closed and Excavation equipment and Cadaver Dogs were brought to the Imperial Street Address.

Channel 4 (Nov3) interviewed the man,Don Laster, that had helped rescue a woman that was found outside naked on the ground by the home in September, supposedly she was not clothed barely conscious and bystanders called 911 and gave a tshirt, supposedly medics came and took her to hospital. No Police reports from that day have been found or released to the public.One of the men that tended to her said she was barely conscious and was under debris in the yard and he took photos of her under a pile of debris. Sowell was naked in the yard and yelled, begging not to have Police Called.It is unclear WHY police did not come to this event, even though Sowell yelled to bystanders that she was his wife ( like that would justify her being thrown off a porch nude ? ) Why wasn't he picked up and questioned about this injured woman ? EMS supposedly did go to home- where are the reports from that day ?

Tuesday November 3rd Updates:::
News Crews have been by home all day, 3 Coroner Vans have been to home today,and cadaver dogs. Atleast More Body Bags have been removed. Police today are saying they do not know how many are there. Excavation equipment is still there. Many are concerned that this man was a known Scraper, going to East Side neighborhoods looking for scrape metal. Very concerning is that this man might have been looking for empty houses. Today digging continued at the houses, the basement, the garage.

There are more Questions than Answers here in Cleveland....
More Articles on this.
(1) Nov3: Channel 19 NEWS now has a LIVE feed and Camera Set up and Hourly updates
(2) Philip Morris's Excellent post in Cleveland Plain Dealer explores more of the issues involved with this case.
(3) More from the Examiner on this case.
Channel 19 has POSTERS of Many of the MISSING WOMEN
Thursday November 5th Update:
Three Bodies have been Identified.
Tuesday Tonia Carmicheal (53) first one identified from Backyard remains.
Thursday Nov5th, Telacia Fortson missing since Junest , and Tishana Culver 31 ( resident of Imperial Ave) both identified.
( * The "T" names -Coinicidence )
( Am attending site on Friday will post more at that time from the Missing Wall- as no MSM station has posted All the MISSING WOMEN Posters that are on Wall there) 123rd)


enigma4ever said...

6PM NEWs conference:::
Mayor opened conf.

Police said that today they found 4 more bodies found in backyard today, and a skull in basement in a bucket ,wrapped in a paper bag.

Sowell did not drive that they know of, but they are working with DrMiller and firstbodies were analyzed to be women and five were strangled.

Empty Houses up to 1/4 mile are and have been checked today.

Policeman ( don't have name) said that he had a Unsatiable Appetite -that is all we know.

We need to know more about the Victims , and if there were missing person reports and to know more about their way of life.

Person is asking about the Smell ?

Did the Police drop the ball.

October 20 he claims was the only call..but then he says there was a Domestic Violence complaint on 2007.

When he was discharged he was labled by Cuyahoga as Sexual Predator. HE claims the police were Vigilant (( really ?????)

He is blaming the victims and HOW they lived their lives, and they went there VOLUNTARILY.( FUCK HIM!!- unreal.....he is BLAMING the victims!!!!)

enigma4ever said...

Oct 20th,....
EMS wanted the Police called, he says that she fell off the roof ?????WHO is this schmuck???? WHERE is the report on this event???

( this is a mess- and police coverup is already in place- what a load....there are saying she fell off the roof becuase she was partying and her keys fell off the porch).

"Its that gals fault for not saying anything...."


I am going to go to the City- this is ridiculous...

10 DEAD Women Killed Brutally and HE is Blaming the Victims and their "Lifestyles"...OMG....

Is this HOW Women are treated here ?
Poor People ?
Black Women ?
or just Women ?

enigma4ever said...

today 4 bodies and a skull in bucket in basement

( why didn;t they see Bucket on saturday when they were there ?)

Six found originally.....

WHY aren't they using ground penetrating radar ????
reporter asked Mayor HOW do you respond to Citizens being concerned ?
Mayor defends the job that the police have done....


Fran said...

Well at least the monster is behind bars now.
But how can they defend this shoddy police work & missing busting this guy so many times.
Even the guy that had kidnapped the girl for so many years & she birthed his child-- again a KNOWN sexual offender.

And come on-- neighbors knew he had kids living in tarped tents in the back yard for all those years & did not think to report it?

Anyway- we get the same stuff here-- whenever there are shots fired or tasering in question..... the DA is out there making the official announcement that there was no wrongdoing- before the blood has even dried.

They can't tap dance their way around this one. You are justified about questioning if this would or could have happened in a wealthy and or white suburb???

enigma4ever said...

10 bodies...and 1 skull....
still digging..

News PPL are starting to ask Did Police Drop the Ball ?

Police Chief :: still saying" way of life " is what we need to investigate...BS....

Sowell did talk to cops..but now wants an attorney...

5 of first 6 bodies-strangled. ( must have broken hyoids)
Ch 19::
east Cleveland, first crime 1989, was in marines and also NC, 15 yr sent

2005 let out- came to Imperial Ave-
2007 Domestic Call
Dec2008 he was charged with assault- nothing happened.
Sept 2009 Woman said she was choked.
Sept 2009 woman falls out of porch,police claim that they interviewed her at metro.

they don't know how many bodys..Channel 19..

Tomorrow they will bring in dogs again and FD to tear apart walls and also keep checking neighborhood empty houses.

enigma4ever said...

thanks fran..I am still really angry at the Chief sitting there blaming the victims..unreal..

8 Missing women within a block of each other ???
and the police weren't going to tell us or the public or the families ???

Fran said...

Wow,sounds to me like gross negligence.

The families of the deceased might consider legal action. It won't bring back those who suffered that awful fate.... but it will make the authorities do things differently.

KellyBelle has a post up about it too.

enigma4ever said...

Wed.November 5th.
thanks fran...
yeah..saw her posts on it too...
she raises some really good questions....
and yes the Police look more than negligent.

Friends in that hood say that they were never notified of ANY sexual predators in that hood- he is not listed- but maybe they removed him Now ? I have no idea.
4PM Presser Today:::
Police :: Michael McCrath and Coroner.
(Today McCrath was not being so obnoxious about lifestyle.)

They did say Feds are helping with FBI,US Marshalls, and other help.

11Bodies found, 10 bodies, and the skull, not body has been found to match the skull. The first victim has been identified- she is Tonia Carmicheal, her family thought she was in that house. ( she was actually one of the victims retrieved from the backyard )

7 were strangled- with ligature in place. Bodies in yard were not bagged or wrapped according to Heli pilot, they were merely tossed in shallow graves.

According to coroner, all bodies have been in different stages of decomp.

Only one has been identified with DNA samples given. Sadly they are requesting more DNA samples and dental records.
Ch.19 Odor complaint was sent to Councilman Reed- the complaint read "It smells like a dead person". Supposedly it was "checked".

2008 :: Rays sausage was told that it might be them, so he put in a new sewage and grease traps.
the smell continued.

Reporter at scene said that off and on during the day when the wind changes you can still smell it.

((I hope they really go inside all the houses over there, there are plenty of empties there to check...)))

enigma4ever said...
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Renegade Eye said...

Journalism is your calling.

enigma4ever said...

ahhh renegade...thank you...

wednite nov 4th
Tonight on the news, (I didn't see until 11PM, one of the city councilmen Reed was complaining that a constituent did indeed complain about the smell to his office that the Sowell House smelled "ike a Dead person" He filed a complaint with the Health Dept and asked that it be investigated.He was irate on the news tonight- he could not get an answer as to WHY they didn't investigate further,. and why they did not go to the house.

It is good to see atleast one leader, official finally concerned and outraged...finally...

enigma4ever said...


Police Say Say Sowell Killed at Least 11 People

The Cleveland Police Department and and Cuyahoga County Cornoers Office held a press conference at 4:30 p.m. and have named Tonia Carmichael as one of the eleven victims of the Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell who was brought to justice this week. The Police Department upped the number of murders they believe Sowell committed to 11 after they found a skull yesterday in the basement of his home.
Carmichael was a a 53 year old female from Warrensville Height who was reported as missing on November 10th. Cuyahoga Coroner Dr. Frank Miller stated that DNA was used in the identification of Carmichael. Miller added there has been a match of a dental record of another victim but are waiting for DNA to give the name to the public.
Sowell was formally charged with murder and rape today in Cuyahoga County Court. He was denied bond and police will continue looking for evidence against him in the coming days.

enigma4ever said...

By John Caniglia, The Plain Dealer

November 04, 2009, 4:23PM

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A 53-year-old Warrensville Heights woman has been identified as the first victim found in Anthony Sowell's home, a relative says.

Donnita Carmichael says Cleveland police notified her family this afternoon that her mother, Tonia, was found in the house. Police did not divulge the cause of death.

"We expected the worst when these bodies starting popping up," she said, sobbing. "We knew she could be one of them. We feared this."

Coroner's officials now confirm that they have found 11 bodies at Sowell's home. All of them are black women. At least five of them were strangled.

Tonia Carmichael disappeared about Nov. 10, and a family member found the car she was driving about one mile from Sowell's Imperial Avenue home, according to a missing persons report filed with Warrensville Heights police. Her family reported her missing after several attempts at reaching her.

Her family became concerned after not hearing from Tonia and learning that she failed to pick up two paychecks at a work-placement center on East 55th Street, according to the missing persons report. She often hung out on East 118th Street and Oakfield Street, about a mile from Sowell’s home on Imperial.

The family recovered the vehicle used by Tonia Carmichael near East 118th and Kinsman Road.

Detectives also interviewed a man who repaired the car Tonia Carmichael drove in November 2008. He said Carmichael told him that she had to run a few errands and then planned on having "some fun."

Over a span of months, Warrensville Heights detectives checked several homes near Oakfield and East 118th Street, as well as motels and taverns in East Cleveland, but found no indication of Carmichael, records show.

enigma4ever said...

7PM update November 5th, news,

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police have identified a third victim found in Anthony Sowell's house on Imperial Avenue as Tishana Culver, 31, of the 12300 block of Imperial Avenue.

enigma4ever said...

Friday Nov.6th:::

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Department confirmed thatthe Cuyahoga County Coroner's Officepositively identified a fourth victim discovered in Anthony Sowell's houseat 12205 Imperial Avenue as Nancy Cobbs, 43, of Griffing Avenue, in Cleveland.

Kevin Urbina said...

How can anyone be surprised any longer when horrendous crimes like this keep happening.

These people are monsters who once captured, found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and put in prison, should never again walk among civilized people. Where's the justice for the victims, some of whom will certainly never be known.

enigma4ever said...

CLEVELAND - The Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office has positively identified the fifth, sixth and seventh victims found at 12205 Imperial Avenue. Cleveland Police made notifications to the families of Amelda Hunter, 47; Crystal Dozier, 38; and Michelle Mason, 45, all of Cleveland.

The suspect in the case, Anthony Sowell, is in the Cuyahoga County Jail, being held on $5 million bond. He has been charged with five counts of aggravated murder and the rape and kidnapping of another woman.

So far, only seven of the 11 victims have been identified.

The first to be identified was Tonia Carmichael, 52, of Warrensville Heights. The second was Telacia Fortson, 31, of East Cleveland.

The third was Tishana Culver, 31, of the 12300 block of Imperial Avenue. The fourth was Nancy Cobbs, 43, of Griffing Avenue, in Cleveland.

Hunter lived in the 3200 block of East 137th Street. She was not reported as a missing person at the time of the discovery of the victims' bodies at Anthony Sowell's residence.

Her family reported her missing on November 3, 2009, indicating that she was last seen on or about April 18, 2009.

Dozier lived in the 6900 block of Kinsman Avenue. She was not reported as a missing person at the time of the discovery of the victims' bodies. She was reportedly last seen in October, 2007.

Mason lived in the 2900 block of East 121st Street. She was reported missing in the City of Cleveland on October 12, 2008, by her mother who stated that she last saw her daughter on or about October 4, 2008.

At that time, it was reported to Cleveland Police that Mason suffered from bi-polar disorder and that she was not taking her prescribed medications.

In an attempt to locate Mason or to uncover clues to her whereabouts, Cleveland Police conducted dozens of follow up searches for Mason and actively searched for her in various areas of the city of Cleveland.

Cleveland Police also checked area hospitals, as well as residences of both Mason and a family member. Additionally, police said checks were made with the city of Garfield, Ohio.

Unfortunately, the extensive investigative effort failed to provide any insight into the location of Mason.