Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mammogram Guidelines Changed this week by the Government Prevention Task Force

Breast Cancer Guidelines were released by a New Prevention Task Force that works for DHHS. The real issue is that the American Cancer Society has not supported these New Government Recommended Guidelines. ( as far as I can find they also were not consulted ?) I went to the Government website, and was stunned reading the List of Doctors, not one is a Physician who Works with or Cares for Breast Cancer Patients. We have been told that the New Guidelines were set up to cut costs and save women anxiety on the Evening News CBS Nov17th.

Do Click the title to read about the Changes. It is unclear WHO if anyone will be better served or protected, especially low income women who may not be getting regular screening or care, will now get less care. Spending Less on prevention is Not Prevention, it will in the end raise Cost of Care for everyone, and limit options.

If this Prevention Task Force starts recommending More Elimination of Screening Tools, PSA for Prostate Cancer, PAP tests etc, I think we have to demand some answers WHO they work for, or are they merely a Schill Group that is set in place to Prevent Higher Costs to Insurance Companies.
Breast Cancer Doc list Govt List not ONE single Breast Cancer Doc
Full List is in Post below.

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