Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LiveStrong Responds to the New Guidelines, Please do share this....

From the LiveStrong Website and the Statement released by Doug Ulman today::
"Today, LIVESTRONG President and CEO Doug Ulman issued the following statement in response to the new guidelines issued by a federal task force that contradict what women have been told in recent years about performing self-exams and getting annual mammograms beginning at age 40:
“We at LIVESTRONG fear that as a result of these new guidelines, more women will be lost to breast cancer.

Since the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued these reversals, LIVESTRONG and our partners at the American Cancer Society have heard from legions of women under 50 who are breast cancer survivors and many more whose lives were saved as a result of a routine self-exam. The work that has saved their lives must be sustained, not discarded.

We must break down the barriers to screening and early detection, not create new ones. We must empower women to be well-informed about their health, not send them conflicting signals. And we must foster greater cooperation among the trusted voices in the fight against cancer to create clear guidance.Many women feel confused by these dramatic changes. We urge them to talk to their doctors about making the best possible choices for their health and to seek medical attention if they feel something is amiss, regardless of their age.”
Big Thank You to MoonAngelWings on Twitter...as they forwarded this to me earlier in eve, and it was very helpful.

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