Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt Uprising Continued ( Images and Video)

Walk Like An Egyptian.....This Poster has been being passed all over Twitter and Facebook....The Million Egyptian March This Tuesday 1st of February from Tahrir Square in Cairo to Republic Palace! 4:00 PM

The Army ....Looking at the Future of Egypt....

The Troops and Tanks being greeted after they had been beaten by Mubaraks Thugs and Police the Night before....

Families have come to the Streets, with their wives and children...

Throughout the Weekend More and More have gone to the Streets, and have started writing the Signs in English so that more Media will get their message out, "Game Over Mubarak" Is a very popular sign in the crowds.

Friday the People were being beaten and shot by the Police, the Army came in to Protect the People, whether they will continue to Protect the People or Protect Mubarak time will tell. But the Soldiers were greeted with warm welcome, people bringing their families and children. Friday the Police Thugs were Beating people with clubs and shooting them , so their gratitude is very meaningful, the people are seeking safety, from Mubarak's Police Thugs. ( Later Today I will post the Mubarak bloody Damage Photos from Friday, they are disturbing and graphic).

MSNBC Update by NBC Richard Engle Really Welldone Synopsis of Late Saturday Night MUST SEE::::

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Egyptian Protester Speaking about the Uprising in Egypt, His Country, His Touching....Must See....Huge volume sharing this via Facebook and Twitter....

A Little 8 year girl has a Message for Mubarak

Editorial Thoughts:::
Below is Fuller Post with many Details and information:::
Politically the Situation in Egypt is changing hourly, and the Whole World is Watching as it unfolds, the Courage of the People there can not be underestimated. And in many ways it is an Uprising, a has all the mindspinning polarity,
Brave people speaking out, taking care of each other, arm and arm ,even neighbors protecting themselves with Kitchen Knives and baseball bats. And then it has more tender moments of Families greeting the Army the soldiers. Who the Thugs are and who is doing the looting and the arson, that is a big question right now. Did Mubarak order the Destruction and arson and violence on his people ? Did he order the the Prisons to be emptied so the people would have to cope with gangs in their neighborhoods....Is some of the Thuggery actually Ex Police ? ( that is being asked on Twitter) One of the Questions is it Ordered Mayhem and Violence and Created Manuvered Chaos, so that Mubarak manuvers, creates his own order, security damanding he stay in power.

Sadly the Struggle is on....Today it is Sunday and it is Now MN in Egypt and the Tahrir Square is where the center of this History making battle is going to take place. Do Watch CNN and do try to watch Al Jezeera on the Internet or on TV , on Sunday they lost their Broadcasting license in Egypt ( so their Reporting is now dangerously bravely being pursued in other ways) BBC,The Guardian, and many other journalists are there covering this History. On CNN do watch for Reports from Ivan , Ben and Nic, they are the eyes and ears of this event. ( Rumor on Twitter this am was that Anderson Cooper is trying to get there.)

On Twitter I follow Egyptians and Journalists and Writer and Citizens and I really am hearing their concerns and the worries and
am trying to blog and twitter objectively, but it is getting more difficult. For 3 days I have been tracking people on Twitter as they tell about the Internet Shutdown, the Violence and what they see in their neighborhoods and in their homes and on the streets....80 Million People is alot to worry about.

Jan25 is what they labeled their Uprising, it was a Planned Protest of Mubaracks Police, held with purpose on The Annual Police Honor Day.
Added A brave Egyptian young girl tells off Mubarak's Security Police....

How Brave are the People of Egypt ? Do watch this whole 9 Minute video of What Really Happened on the Bridge Last Friday, it is the Most Astonishing Video I have ever seen...

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mommapolitico said...

Thanks for the updates, WS! I appreciate your culling the best coverage in one place, one of your best traits as a blogger/joournalist. Please know it's appreciated.
The little girl in the video? Smart, outspoken, wise beyond her years - the future of Egypt is in good hands!
Thanks, WS!