Friday, January 28, 2011

The Egypt Uprising......(Post updated every few hours)

Men Praying in front of Police , Note the Postures of all....The Somber moment caught on film on Friday 1.28.11....Most of the Police have vanished now.1.29.11 Eve The Army is the only Security force, but the People are having to protect themselves.( I can not credit this photo)

The Human Wall Protecting the Museum in Cairo, there have been thugs Looting shops and museums, who they are the People of Egypt are not sure, but they think the Looting is to create Fear and chaos and may be Government Driven. (1.29.11 3PM)


And this is the video of what happened next ( shot from a hotel room by a tourist sent to CNN) .....
After Prayers thousands of People went to the Streets....And even while Praying today or trying to pray they met with the Armies, they brought flags, they sang and brought flowers. They spoke to the Armies, and in an odd way the Army needs to evaluate who they are Loyal to at this moment before the New Day Dawns. Some of the protests have been violent with the Undercover Plain clothed Thugs roughing up people and journalists. There are journalists are missing or arrested and detained,many have been wounded. There are atleast 20 dead and over 800 wounded. Meanwhile there has been very little
looting or real damage.Many of the Police Stations were burned out, and even some centers where prisoners were detained. Hundreds lined up hand in hand to protect the Museum in Cairo. There are people there trying to create order and hold calm, it is evidenced in some of the rare Video that got out. Hearing that Egyptian Christians had organized to stand outside the Mosques on Friday Morning so that the Muslims could pray in peace was just part of this story that is so gripping....

Mubarak came out and finally issued a speech and he looked like an Old Dyed hair man who was out of touch and used to having his way. He clearly looked and sounded like a Dictator saying that he would not tolerate such behavior and that he would merely Fire his Staff and hire a "New" Government. He read his speech at the podium coldly with little emotion.He did not in any way acknowledge that people had been killed or that the Internet and Communication have been shut down. He took no responsibility for all that has been ongoing or even really acknowledging his People's Dissatisfaction with his job performance. He basically asked for more time ? Yet he has been in power for over 35 years and the people have suffered, they have made their decision.

The Protests are all over Egypt, not just Cairo, it is also in towns, Suez,Alexandria, up and down the Nile. Cairo and the Urban surroundings involves 20 Million.....This is not a little "unrest" that will go away.It is a hurricane fueled by massive Economic plight of Millions under 40 years old who want Regime Change and an Unemployment rate of almost 30%. They are hungry for food, jobs, economic equality but also Change. It has been inspiring seeing women with the men at these rallies as well. Mubarak wants the World to think that this is just a little unrest caused by Troubled Youth , but the photos and video tell a different story.

President Obama's speech followed Mubarak's Speech. He was strong, determined but quiet. America supports Egypt, with 1.5 Billion Dollars, so one can only hope that Our Aid is NOT used against these Citizens who want an Improved Government and New Leadership. It did not help today for Reporters to show the Tear gas Canisters in the Street that were Labeled from the United States. One has to wonder about the Steel Tipped Rubber Bullets.

{{ You can read President Obama's Speech here, it was stern, measured and deadly serious in tone....}}

There are lessons with watching this unfold. This is what it looks like when a Nation demands Regime Change and takes hold of the Destiny. It is a Roller Coaster, it is Dangerous, it is Chaotic in some ways , especially if there is a Leadership Vaccumn. Yet if people are desperate enough for change, they Risk it all.....
Most Media by Noon was covering the situation, but what will happen now is questionable. MSNBC might run Lock Up all weekend, but CNN is covering the events, although they do better when CNN International is covering.
By far the best coverage has been Al Jeezera who has been showing it all.
The Guardian has amazing Live Stream of the Events there.....
On CNN do follow Nic Robertson and also Ben Wiedemann ( @bencnn) Ben Widemann has been in the Middle East for many years.
Here in The Guardian El Baradei speaks out about the Situation and what he sees.
The Guardian also has mapped out all of the Unrest today ....

Mashable has information about the Internet Shutdown that Egypt carried out.....It clearly shows that Communication was severely hampered by dawn today, but all through last night people found ways to set up ways to communicate including using Droids, Ham Radios and land Lines and proxy service and literally calling people in other countries with info to transmit via landline to put on Twitter.
Washington Post has an interesting Editorial about how the U.S. Needs to pull away from Mubarak, that is enlightening and a Must Read.
BBC Has more updates on the situation and also has the Mubarak video.....
Beautifully Written and Explained Events of Friday ( The Guardian )
Events accelerated after Friday prayers, with disciplined crowds moving from mosques shouting and raising their hands in an outburst of anger and energy in response to leaflets advising on tactics, slogans and targets.

"No one has the right to control you but God," was the message of one sermon relayed by loudspeaker. "You have the right to speak out, only do it peacefully." There was little sign of an organised involvement by the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition force in Egypt, perhaps because it is biding its time to see how things develop.

Mass protests were also staged in Suez, where tanks were reportedly deployed, and Alexandria. Al-Jazeera said 80,000 people were demonstrating in Port Said.

The unrest has widened to include Egyptians from all walks of life, old and young, the middle classes and the urban poor. Those who did not take to the streets waved from their balconies or threw water bottles and onions to people in the crowd below to be used against teargas. Others handed out paper facemasks.

As of Friday Night....( The Guardian ) Cairo

History is Unfolding and the Weekend will tell what happens next....


Saturday arrived and the People seem to be newly fueled after Mubarak's speech yesterday. More have gone to the Streets,Men, families and women, people of all ages and socio economic status. (40% of population lives in poverty, many complain the poverty is caused by the Government Corruption.) Many people have even gone to see the Tanks and the Troops , even taking them food. Yet there are still pockets of the "Police" ( which is different than the Army and they are viewed with great disrespect as they are considered to be Government Thugs-explained by ex Cairo resident). At this point it will be the Army that determines the Fate of the People. And the Army will have to decide their Loyalty as the Curfew goes into the night.

*** (Note from Enigma. Our Country gives the Egypt Government 1.5 Billion Military Aid, this includes the empty American Made Tear Gas containers found in the street and possibly the bullets being fired and wounding and killing an American that really is sobering to realize****

Thousands started to march chant and move to the streets and this increased in the afternoon as the 4PM Curfew approached. People there are saying that there are more on the streets than yesterday or the day before. The Tahrir Square has been filling throughout the day. People there singing National Anthem and also chanting for Mubarak to Resign. Off the Square by the Interior Ministry Police did shoot some Protesters, three of them were killed, and 2 of their bodies were carried through the Crowds ( This is Martyr tradition in the Middle East , a way of honoring those who die for the Cause of the People.) Per BBCWorld Cairo Doctors have said that Real Bullets, not rubber bullets have been fired on people, and that they have been ordered to NOT disclose or record Bullet Deaths and injuries.

Mubarak did fire his Cabinet and promptly named and swore his new VP ,he is formerly the "Security" Chief. It is important to understand that he has had NO VP or change to his cabinet in over 28 years. Mubarak's main trusted allies he had to fire today and his family has already fled to London. Also many of his wealthy friends have fled to the Duabi. He is alone. ( I will post the Links for the Wiki Cables on this New VP- he has a long Background,having jailed,tortured and beaten thousands). Some of his Ruling Party has now fled the country and others are missing. Some of this Shifting and manuvering looks desperate. While he was selecting new people, the other issue is that the Citizens don't know where he is,and there are mounting rumors that his sons and wife have fled to London ( BBC and AlJeezera have posted during the day, Government denies).

It is important to also recognize that Citizens there are trying to protect neighborhoods from Looting and unrest. They are worried that Government Thugs are trying to arson and loot to make the Protesters look unruly destructive and violent. ( Many were tweeting regarding this issue). Most of the Protesters are chanting about issues of Human Condition:: poverty, Food and Jobs.

***** Most of the Information above gathered via Web, Twitter feeds from those on the ground in Alexandria and Cairo, Tahrir Square. Even some translated from french, Norweigon and Arabic. AlJeezera and The Guardian and BBC . CNN reporters on ground are excellent, but American CNN is lacking,especially as they try to sway the focus to Isreal, as a News Reporting Station they should not be pushing an agenda re. Isreal, it muddies the reality of what is going on in the ground. Egypt is a country of 80 million people, and their lives should be considered first and foremost.
PHOTOS......Courage in Egypt....

To see Women speaking out and joining these Marches and Protests shows a true Changing of the Times.

This photo shows the relationship with the Army is more trusting, the Question is Will the Army protect The People or Mubarak.
MSNBC Update by Richard Engle Really Welldone Synopsis of Late Saturday Night MUST SEE::::

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


enigma4ever said...

3-4AM here EST.....9-11AM Egypt time...

This am people are starting to gather on streets, transportation is working, roads are open and people are letting cars through, the military is guarding some military buildings and so far there has not been negative reactions with citizens.( per twitter reports)..

Cellphones /Mobiles are up and running and people are able to use twitter and make calls to outside family. ( this will be huge later today)

3PM is when massive rallies are planned again.

They are still chanting about Mubarak must go...

enigma4ever said...

11Am ( update from Norweig reporter-translated)
It is very unsafe situation in Cairo now, says the Norwegian Ambassador to VG Nett.
36 minutes ago via web
Just spoke with the Norwegian Ambassador in Cairo. They follow the development closely, but no special measures around Embassy at the moment.

Slosskamper between a group of men in the streets two blocks from the square. Sacking continues, but the stores will soon be empty.

We see demonstrators sitting on tanks, while shouting "the army and the people stand together".

The rods now of our hotel, and barrikaderer doors. No drop in again if they go out on the street.

It burns powerful two blocks from where we stand. Black smoke will tilt up. unclear what that burns.

enigma4ever said...

1.29.11 6PM Tweets from the Day ( Some Key ones )
RT @bencnn My wonderful wife has handed out baseball bats, clubs, kitchen knives and tea to neighbourhood patrol.
( Ben Widemann CNN reporter in Cairo for over 20 yrs)

From another journalist:
What is Mubarak waiting for to abdicate? Thousands of his people have been injured & scores killed for him & his NDP thugs to stay in power.

@donlemoncnn DO ask this "expert" What the difference is between "Autocracy" vs DIctatorshiop ???

@democracyhurts: Egyptians Connecting To The Internet Via Modem, Fax, Ham Radio Via @huffingtonpost” #egypt #jan25

RT @bencnn: Army in control of Egyptian Museum. No repeat of Baghdad, please. #Jan28 #Egypt

Al Jazeera: Also reports that (now) former NDP part thug & Gamal Mubarak confidant Ahmed Ezz has fled Egypt in a private jet.

I'm hearing celebrity raghda on Arabic Arabiyya, she says she has been threatened. Is anyone hearing this? #egypt #jan25 ???

Watching Al Arabbiya, terrified now. Absolutely terrified by images of protesters beaten and on streets. #egypt #jan25

German News Agency reports that Naguib Sawaris, the Egyptian telecom tycoon is amongst those who have fled.

Hunkered down with @ianinegypt and @jonjensen at the moment. Make sure to follow them. #Egypt #Cairo #Mubarak #jan25

Crowd drags two looters to Army soldiers at State TV, after beating the s**t out of them, looters I mean. #Egypt #Jan25

RT @fuz_hussain @Farrah3m: Egyptians are putting alot of trust in the Army; take a look a this #jan25

enigma4ever said...

People to watch are Ben- @bencnn and Do also listen to Ivan Watson and Nic Robertson 's reports on CNN.

Al Jeezeera and The Guardian are really covering this Uprising in a thorough way. CNN has been Struggling and so has MSNBC...sadly


Allie...this is on point and so well covered by you and thanks for the references. This situation is a long time coming and I wish the protesters well and the freedoms they are demanding. Oh those pictures alone speaks truth to power. The U.S. has to be more discerning about their so-called "allies" or partners in crime.

The implications of this is mind boggling and the current administration will have to make some decisions that will challenge the minds and welfare of not only the Egyptian people but those of us in the U.S..