Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday Blog Round Up #1: House Weeper Era Begins,New Math Explained,And Mark Twain gets Hucked...

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt

Its a Snowy Bitter Cold Saturday here by Lake Erie, I am going to sit here drinking huge Mugs of Hot Tea and read. (Let's be real there is nothing better than burrowing down with lots of blankets and the critters and reading when it is This Cold).I have decided in Light of Recent Political Happenings to bring back my Blog Round Ups this year....and if you haven't noticed I am trying to Blog more.....Hope you don't mind if I share some good stuff with you.

First Something Arty and Amazing .....Curious about This photo up above? Does it remind you of the Greats? Like Dorthea Lange ? Do Look up Vivian Maier...This amazing woman is a Nanny who took thousands and thousands of photos from the 50s-70s and never showed them to anyone....but a Flea Market Hound found them by Accident. Read more about How he acquired her Art and what happens next since Jon Maloof found her works, her story and her art is an amazing Find.
First Blog Round Up of the New Year. It would be easy to glide into a Slump right now especially watching the Republican Antics this week under the Weeper of the House. But Most of us Blogged the Bush years, it was Our Way of Fighting Back....and Amazingly enough it is time to Fight Back Again....Even harder this time.So Every week I will do my best to help you with the Battle, we need to Be Smarter than the Tea baggers and the Repugs, and there is only One Way to Do That. READ and Share and pay Attention and Speak Out....If a "Hard Rain is Gonna Fall"...we Just Need Bigger and Better Umbrellas....I will walk with you...and Share my Umbrella. But I will not stay Home and Hide from what Comes Next.

These Round Ups I try to bring you some Voices of Reason, Some Wisdom and A Bit of Humor and Some Surprises. If it makes you think and smile...and feel smarter I have done my job. And yes to those waiting for my post on the Arkansas BlackBird Mystery, that post will be up tomorrow night.

(1) First Some Wisdom from Paul Krugman, his blog for the NYT. Do read the posts from this week about JOBS and do take a look at some of the Graphs- they really explain the Economic Picture in a way that will make perfect sense. It puts the "Numbers" in context.

(2) Next up David Cay Johnston has a Must Read Post about State Economies that will stun your sensibilities. He carefully explains how States are really taking care of Corporations, and the Working Families are suffering the consequences. As all of us hear Our States begroaning Budget Issues, and the Media reports record losses, ask yourself if they point out Anything that David Kay Johnston points out to ask ?

(3) Robert Reich has two posts this week that are worth the Read, The first one from his blog and reposted over on Huffington Post about The Shameful attack on Public Employees is a must read, especially if you read the post above by David Cay Johnston, it will haunt you..... And then his other post is about the Repugs attack on the HCR could actually Backfire on Them, this post actually made me smile and also made some great points that some of the MSM has missed this week.

(4)Jon Raymond Filmmaker and Writer, has a great blog that covers a variety of issues, Anti War concerns to Healthcare, politically active and aware....really beautifully done, including an update this week on RAM and their continued efforts to help those in this country without Healthcare. ( There will be more next week on the HCR Round Up Blogpost and his Documentary on the Health Care Crisis in America "Got Healthcare").

(5) Have you read Jolly Roger recently ? need to. Many of us used to read Reconstitution and Jolly Roger always made us feel smarter, and even laugh during some very dark times. Now he has Plutocrap Up and running and educating us about the New Absurd Republican Era in Congress.....

(6) And on another note,another Stop the Damn Insanity Note, this week we learned that Mark Twain's Huck Finn is being Censored, ReWritten so that it is more acceptable ? More Palatable ? For WHO ? More Polite ? It was kind of the final rotten Cherry on the Sundae of a Bizarre wacko week. Thank Heavens the Rude Pundit blasts this issue the way it needs to be blasted in a way that only he can.....
Saturday Add On ( sent via email from loyal readers )::::
(1) So you think that Dioxin went out in the 80s as a Potent Dangerous Toxin ? Think again, this Huffington Post article about Dioxin Feed Contamination will give you chills. They have had to shut down farms that were producing eggs, poultry and pork due to contaminated feed....4700 farms.
(2) Democratic Congresswoman calls Afghanistan an "Embarrassment" , must see video.....


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