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Thwarted Bomb Attack in Spokane on MLK Parade Day along Parade Route....FBI offering Reward

More Information about Blackpack found along Parade route before Parade in Spokane this morning, (Backpack and two Tshirts shown above). Spokesman Review revealed these details the Spokane Parade Site. The Backpack did not explode, so evidence was obtained at site including the Backpack and it's contents. It was found by 3 workers before the Parade began, some accounts say it Police were alerted, other reports say Military was notified. The Parade was re-routed and no one was harmed. Device was disarmed, and at this point FBI is offering a Reward.

More From the Police Report :
The police report was filed by SGT. John Roys of the Spokane Police Department, and it reads as follows:
"Today at 0926 hours, Spokane Police Officers were called to a suspicious package at the N/E corner of Main and Washington. The package was found and reported by a City of Spokane worker.As per protocol in these circumstances, Officers responded and secured a safety zone. Officers from the Spokane City-County Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) arrived to investigate the package. The package was rendered safe by the EDU. The FBI has joined in the investigation.
Further details will be made available as the investigation progresses."

More from the Southern Poverty Law Center they present more details of how the attack was thwarted, and why the FBI is concerned about this attack.More Below From Southern Poverty Law Center.

“It was a device that clearly was intended to harm or kill people,’’said Frank Harrill, a senior FBI agent and spokesman for the bureau’s Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force.The FBI posted a $20,000 reward Tuesday and released three photographs, including one of the black Swiss-Army backpack that contained the destructive device.

Harrill would not discuss the type of explosive or its construction, including whether the backpack contained an explosive shield intended to spray shrapnel toward potential victims. He also declined to say if the device was intended to be detonated remotely or by a timer.
“It was set to detonate during a unity march on the King Holiday, so, obviously it had political or social overtones,’’ Harrill said.

Raw Story is reporting the MLK event as being Investigated by the FBI as "Domestic Terrorism " at this point in time.

Reuters has more details as they emerge and were one of the Media who reported the case very quickly this afternoon.

It will be interesting at this point how The Media National and Local reports these events or will they try to spin the Story, even though it clearly has a Political Motive and is clearly a Hate Crime that was attempted on Martin Luther King Day. Let us hope that All Questionable Groups are questioned and All Threats Made Public from the NorthWest.Evening News did not report on East Coast, but Maddow did.

Details :
"Thе left alone Swiss Army-brand backpack, wіth wires visible, wаѕ unprotected οn the downtown dais bу 3 city workers whο tοld military οf thе device аbουt thirty mins prior to thе march wаѕ scheduled tο ѕtаrt.Thе parade, attended bу аbουt 1,500 people, wаѕ fast rerouted whіlе city’s explosve ordering section wаѕ summoned аnd safely “neutralized thе device,” thе FBI ѕаіd.FBI representative guileless Harrill dеѕсrіbеd thе “improvised explosve device” аѕ carrying the “very fatal design” efficient οf inflicting “multiple casualties.”

( I find it odd that the Military were Notified ? Not the Police ? )
9:50 PM According to ABC and Yakima Herald the Bomb was a handheld radio Control Pipe Bomb you can read more of the updates here.

More from the Rachel Maddow Show:

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DailyKos has pretty thorough list of Hate Rhetoric and events of past year it is worth a look....really shows we have a Problem.


enigma4ever said...

From Yakima Herald : ( Also mentions Previous Incident ?)

“This community came together to get a street dedicated to Dr. King and thousands come out to celebrate him every year,” Bush said. “When something like this takes place, it’s just painful.”

The bomb was discovered in a Swiss Army-brand backpack that was placed on a park bench at 9:25 a.m. at the northeast corner of North Washington Street and West Main Avenue.

Two T-shirts were located in the bag. One reads “Stevens County Relay For Life June 25th-26th 2010” and another shirt reads “Treasure Island Spring 2009.” The FBI is working with other federal agencies and virtually all local police agencies with the investigation as part of the Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“I think the link to the Martin Luther King celebration and march is inescapable,” Harrill said. “At that point, it falls directly in the realm and sphere of domestic terrorism. Clearly, there was some political or social agenda here.”

Harrill said agents have conducted interviews, but said he could not discuss any potential suspects.

Meanwhile, federal investigators continue to investigate an explosive device that was discovered March 23 alongside the Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse. Harrill said agents have not made an arrest in that previous case.

enigma4ever said...

Tshirts are confusing...

Treasure Island 2009- Music Festival in Bay Area...?

enigma4ever said...


White Supremacists have long been active in this region. Just last year the leader of the Aryan Nations Paul Mullet (no snark) came sniffing around the region to re-establish its headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, (fortunately for us) the Aryian Nations settled on a new home in Chillicothe, Oh. Sorry Ohio.

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CNN) — A backpack containing a potentially deadly device capable of inflicting “multiple casualties” was found in Spokane, Washington, along the route of a Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. parade, the FBI said Tuesday.
The device was discovered Monday morning by three parade workers before the event, FBI supervisory agent Frank Harrill told CNN. The city’s explosives disposal unit neutralized the device.
The gray backpack was placed on a bench at the northeast corner of north Washington Street and West Main Avenue in downtown Spokane, the FBI said in a statement.
Agents have leads in the case, but Harrill would not provide details on the device and the investigation, which includes a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.
The FBI released photos of the Swiss Army-brand backpack and two T-shirts that were found within. One shirt says “Treasure Island 2009″ and the other reads “Stevens County Relay For Life June 25th-26th 2010.”
The FBI is asking the public for information on who might have been with the backpack from about 8 a.m. to 9:25 a.m. Monday. It also is asking for photos or videos taken in the area.
The incident forced organizers of the parade to change its route, CNN affiliate KREM said.
Ivan Bush, who has helped organize the King birthday celebration march in Spokane for more than 20 years, told the Spokesman-Review that news of the backpack’s potential was “just painful to see and hear.”

enigma4ever said...

Relay for Life is a Cancer Fundraiser,

Fundraising starts Jan. 19

The Stevens County Relay for Life (SCRFL) is ready to kick-off another year of fund raising for the American Can cer Society with the annual Relay Rally.

The rally is Wed., Jan. 19 from 5:30p.m. to 7p.m. at the Stevens County Ambulance Building in Colville.
The local organization is looking for help in several ar eas, including Teams and Team Captains, the “foot-sol diers” in the fight against can cer.
Teams are made up of eight to 15 people who share a pas sion and commitment to raise money throughout the year, according to RFL publicist, Tricia Woods.
Fundraising efforts culmi nate and are celebrated at the actual Relay for Life on June 24-25 on the Colville High School track.
Teams can register the night of the Kick Off at a discount.
Relay for Life is an all-night party with a family friendly atmosphere. There are two goals in mind: keep people moving around the track at all times, and to raise money to fight cancer.
Team Captains lead their teams at monthly update meetings in Stevens County and are the liaisons between their group and the RFL Event Committee. Captains organize and delegate the team’s fund-raising events throughout the year and their team’s partici pation in activities throughout the night of the event.
“This year’s committee is al ready working to make the event fun and memorable,” Woods says. “Luminaries are available for sale in any busi ness in the area. Are you willing to be part of the group that helps a cancer survivor through the battle with can cer? Are you willing to be part of the group that helps raise money for studies to find a cure? Then please come join us.”
For more information, call Stevens County Chairman Nikole Morrison at 684-6306, at Key Bank, or email Lindsey Lawson at Lindseykai@hotmail.com.
Something about this stinks...like they are trying to blame this on a young person ? or someone who cared about Health issues ? does not make sense...on any level....could these clues be planted ? red herrings ?

( Spokane is the same are that the two main CIA Waterboarding "psychologists" came from....under Bush...Spokane has had problems-their last bomb was found March 23 by the Thomas Foley Court House...)

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From WillAtWork 1am
RT @maddow Spokesman-Review in WA and MSNBC.com doing yeoman's work on Spokane MLK day bomb: http://is.gd/fUvP6n and http://is.gd/5RJQdS

enigma4ever said...

Meanwhile, federal investigators continue to investigate an explosive device that was discovered March 23 alongside the Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse. Harrill said agents have not made an arrest in that case.

“We don’t know, at this point, of any linkage to any other incident,” Harrill said, referring to the Monday discovery. “We are not aware of any other events that prefaced this event … or threats associated with this device. Nor does it appear to be linked to any other incidents in Spokane or anywhere else in the country. But, that certainly is a focus for us.”

Harrill praised the city workers who discovered the backpack.

“They were the heroes of the day. They did what we all should do. They brought it to the attention of police,” Harrill said. “They took quick action, rerouted the parade and immediately called for the” bomb disposal unit.

Mayor Mary Verner said city officials are doing all they can to cooperate with the federal investigation.

“I was struck that on a day when we celebrate Dr. King, a champion of non-violence, we were faced with a significant violent threat,” Verner said in a news release. “This is unacceptable in our community—or any community.”

City Council President Joe Shogan praised the people who found the backpack and the officials who defused it. He noted the 1996 bombing of City Hall and said citizens must still be vigilant to prevent attacks.

“It would be nice to think that all this kind of activity was in the past, but obviously, it’s not,” Shogan said. “Too often, there’s that attitude that it can’t happen here. Well, it is happening.”

A pipe bomb packed with nails and screws exploded outside Spokane City Hall on April 29, 1996. There were no injuries, but the blast blew out a window in one of the doors and sent shrapnel flying into Riverfront Park.

Federal prosecutors later indicted white supremacists Chevie Kehoe, of Colville, and Danny Lee, of Yukon, Okla., for the bombing. Both also were later convicted for a 1996 triple murder in Arkansas. The two were accused of working to overthrow the government to set up a whites-only nation.

Back at Auntie’s, Reiswig said she and her husband recently adopted a son and they want to raise him to embrace cultural diversity, which was also one of the goals of the re-routed march.

“It’s so sad to me that there are people out there who can’t accept that there are differences (in people) and they are wonderful,” she said. “It is very disappointed to think that someone in Spokane was capable of that.”

D.K. Raed said...

Having lived in Spokane for a few yrs, I know there are many good people there ... but there is also an old undercurrent of white supremecists who call that area home. The hate runs deep and saddest of all is the hate they pass along to their children. When I heard about this incident, that's the first thing that came to mind.

tom said...

Yes hate does run deep, along with ignorance and race and religious hatred...
We are very glad it did not go off, but if it had, you CAN be sure, the right would say we did it...
Racists are a peculiar type of hater...
Let's hope there was a TON of forensic evidence on the backpack and that one of the ubiquitous video cameras caught the shit in planting the bomb...

enigma4ever said...

I know you know the area and the history..sad to say...but stuff like this is not unusual there...

yes let's hope there was tons of evidence left there and maybe some survelliance cameras along the root....
or in the shops across from that bench...