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Eric Fuller, Shooting Victim Arrested Due Outburst at Poorly Planned ABC Meeting

Above is the CBS interview with Eric Fuller as he described the Shooting last weekend in Arizona. Please note that this interview shows how traumatic the Shooting was....for the true Victims at the Giffords Event. (This same man went to try to offer comfort to the shooter's parents-I will post that video when I locate it. It shows he is a traumatized, yet thoughtful individual.) I put this at the top so you can see what the Victim went through.
Now bearing in mind what ALL the Shooting victims have been through. Christine Amanpour and ABC decided to hold a "Gathering" a "Town Hall meeting" and invited Citizens, Victims and "Community Leaders". In light of that, for some reason they included the Tea party Leadership to this meeting. Here is the ABC desciption of their event that they called a conversation. Ms.Amanpour has done interviews and news work for over 20 plus years,most of her work has been of the highest caliber. My concern is that in light of the recent events and the bloody crimes and the fragile state of the victims, that maybe this was not a time to have the Victims sit in a room with the Tea Party to discuss the Deadly attack. Some of these victims had not seen each other since the attack and in a public setting was most likely scary enough, but one has to wonder if they knew any Tea Party Leadership was going to be there.

That Decision led to a very heated Confrontation and the Arrest of Eric Fuller , mostly because The Tea Party Leader is now claiming to be a "Victim". At this point Eric Fuller has been arrested and ordered to have a Psych Eval and obviously he is needing a Lawyer. After all he has been through this week, ABC bears some responsibility for the Confrontation and the Consequences of their poorly made decision. ( I will post Amanpour's tweets in the Comments.Please note as of 1am Sunday I have not seen the show, but I will be watching and taping in AM and posting all related articles.)

Mr Humphries of the Tea Party is now portraying himself and the Tea party as Victims in the shootings, which the people in Arizona would hardly recognize as the situation.Please do see the post below in regards to the AZ Tea Party and also due to the comments Giffords own dad made after the shooting and the Tea Party's Candidate's campaign.

I am still gathering details on this Event and contacting people in an attempt to get Mr.Fuller the proper Journalistic Coverage and also to get him the Help he needs to deal with this New Set of Circumstances. Please read more below.

(1) ABC keeps editing the story, so at this time I posting the HuffingtonPost Linkthat explains the Fuller arrest when supposedly related to Tea Party Leader being threatened. ABC has changed the title of their article three times tonight.
Here are more details from KGUN ( yes that is their call letters..sorry), about the "Town Hall Event" and The arrest, and the events that transpired. ( Please note that their page is already trying to paint Fuller as an "operative", rather than remembering he was and is a Shooting Victim, that has suffered a signifigant trauma. And they also were not present inside the event as ABC did not allow outside media into the event.)

At this time it is important that we fight the MSM Media Spin that is already trying to pain the Tea Party as Victim in this horrendous time in our History, it is time that the Media and the Tea party and the Republican Party start being responsible for the Ugly Violent state of affairs. Otherwise you know that the Liberals and Dems will be targeted and Painted in a whole new light
(1) Mr Fuller drove himself to hospital to get care after the shooting, and you can read about that here. He was shot in the knee and the back,yet even wounded he went got himself his own medical care.Which just shows what his week has been like...

(2) Perhaps Ms.Amanapour should have read the CNN website about how Giffords had been Targeted by the Tea Party for Many Monthes Even Gabby Giffords own dad when questioned about did Gabby have any enemies, he quickly responded,
"THE WHOLE TEA PARTY".....Did Ms.Amanpour think to speak with Gabby's dad ? This NY post Interview with Gabby Gifford's dad, was where he explained his Concerns regarding the Tea Party targeting his daughter.

(3) Did Ms.Amanpour happen to research Tea Party 's Jesse Kelly's Campaign to "Remove Gabby" ? The Ad with the M16 ? (which has been pulled from his website and Yotube) TPM has more about this Shooting event....

Kelly was the Lying Scheming Tea Party Candidate, here is more....

AND here is more on Mr.Kelly The Tea Party Candidate, ( from Keith Olbermann )

Here's more from Kelly's Ad campaign In case ABC forgets to show it. Here is more from TPM re. the M16 AD explaining it's purpose last June 2010.

3:30PM Sunday Update... ( My apologies, I just returned home, so I will update this situation...)
As of this afternoon there are reports that Mr.Fuller has been involuntarily committed to an un-named Medical Facility. The concern is is he actually receiving medical care or is he being railroaded and painted as a violent erratic person. One would hope that all the shooting victims have been offered some kind of Victim Counseling. ( Most States do have funds for Victims to receive mental healthcare, now if states have had budget cuts those funds might be diminished.
Monday Jan.17th Update:
So now all that we have learned is that Fuller has been involuntarily committed due to concerns for welfare of others. I find it disturbing and odd that he was so quickly committed Involuntarily , yet Jared Loughner who was the perpretator of the Crimes was not offered such "help" or "care" or "assessement", That boggles me as someone watching far away. As a nurse I find myself wondering were all of the Victims offered proper care,counseling and mental health care ? There should be State Funds offering such care...but ?This man even drove himself to the hospital and then was discharged with large wounds within mere days, clearly he was psychologically wounded as well. The Media has portrayed him as a Liberal with an agenda, and of course also begun the Spin that the Tea Party leader is a "Victim" in these events.


enigma4ever said...

Here are the tweets of Amanpour's page as of 1am :

Citizens & community leaders shared stories from #Tucson shooting. Here's 1 account: Watch #ThisWeek tomorrow for more.

Tune in tomorrow to "After the Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued." Here is a preview: #ThisWeek #Tucson

Join the discussion: Are there lessons to be learned from the tragedy in #Tucson? #ThisWeek

What questions do you have for the #ThisWeek town hall in #Tucson? Send me your ideas.
3:42 PM Jan 14th

Sunday, join me for a special #ThisWeek town hall from #Tucson- "After The Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued"

tom said...

So how does a man with two bullet wounds get arrested for free speech when high profile republicans and elected representatives do the same thing and are not even chastized???

enigma4ever said...

KGUN reports:

It was the first time most of them had been together since Jared Lee Loughner opened fire in a Safeway parking lot, killing 6, and wounding or injuring 14 others -- a rampage that happened one week earlier almost to the hour.
On the platform with Amanpour were Col. Bill Badger, who helped tackle gunman Jared Lee Loughner; Daniel Hernandez, who ran to help wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords while most people were ducking for cover, Patricia Maisch, who grabbed a magazine away from Loughner; Bill Hileman, whose wife, Susan, is still recovering from gunshot wounds.
On the front row was Kenneth Dorushka, who was shot shielding his wife from Loughner's gunfire; and J. Eric Fuller, who was shot in the knee.
Read the whole story here.

01/15/2011 9:27 PM ET ABC News Reports Threat At Its Town Hall posted a video of ABC News' report on its Town Hall and the threat that ensued against Trent Humphries. Newsbusters' report notes that ABC's coverage omitted the fact that Humphries is a leader of Tucson's Tea Party movement.

Watch the video and read the story here.

01/15/2011 9:13 PM ET Trent Humphries, Subject Of Fuller's Threats, Claims Tea Party A Victim Of Shootings
In an interview with the Guardian, Trent Humphries, co-founder of Tucson's Tea Party and subject of shooting victim Eric Fuller's violent threats, discussed why he thought the tragedy in Arizona has evolved into a "conspiracy to destroy his organization."

enigma4ever said...

Tom to answer your question...well I can't suffice it to's a good thing that He didnt carry a map with Crosshairs on it...

Mauigirl said...

Yes, amazing how careful they are to make sure this poor guy is "involuntarily committed" when they didn't do a darn thing about the Tea Party OR Jared Loughner. Apparently it's not so hard to involuntarily commit someone, so why didn't someone do it to Loughner before he did so much harm?

Fran said...

The topic of gun control was brought up, the politician daced around it saying *now is not the time* & the gentleman who had recently been shot said some thing like * you're dead*....

(Reuters) - A victim wounded in the January 8 shooting spree in Arizona was ordered by a judge on Tuesday to keep his distance from a local Tea Party leader he was accused of threatening over the weekend.

The protective order obtained by Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries against James Eric Fuller stems from a confrontation between the two men during Saturday's taping of a town hall edition of the ABC News program "This Week."

Sheriff's department spokesman Jason Ogan said on Tuesday afternoon it was unclear when Fuller's 72-hour holding period would officially lapse or whether he had yet been released.

Ogan said criminal charges accusing Fuller of threats, intimidation and disorderly conduct would be presented this week to the county attorney's office, which will decide whether to prosecute the case.

Humphries said he felt ambivalent about the situation.

"Based on the lessons that we have just learned about past law enforcement contacts with Jared Loughner and how he was never 'flagged' because no legal complaints were ever filed, I do believe that care should be taken before dismissing all charges against Mr. Fuller," Humphries wrote in an email on Sunday night.

Fran said...

So did you catch that???

the tea party guy has a restraining order against the victim who was shot & filing official legal complaints!

Good lord!

I'd like to file a complaint against palin & the provoking violence talking heads.

enigma4ever said...

yeah Fran...there is much in this event that is concerning....unreal....poor guy does need help and counseling, I also wonder WHY the Tea party was even invited to the event...but shame on ABC....

( I have not been able to find out anything about Fuller his legal case of his hospitalization or access to care...)

enigma4ever said...

I have nothing nice to say about Humphries....but I do thank you for finding and posting that update...