Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are Banks Morally Bankrupt ? Let's Look at Some Recent Cases of Banks taking Homes from the Elderly ....

(1) UK Daily has has a recent story about Homes being taken by the Banks in two different Situations. One Situation involves an elderly couple trying to cope with Medical Debt and losing their Home in Florida. And the other case they covered is about the Brooklyn Grandmother who the Bank was trying to take her home due to a default on a 1000 dollar loan. The two examples they gave blatantly show that the Banks were brutal to these elderly folks. In other Countries Elderly are treated with Respect and Compassion.

(2) More about Mary Lee Ward the Brooklyn Grandmother's Situation, from the NY Daily News explains how this great-grandmother of Brooklyn , who has lived in her home of 44 years borrowed money in 1995, and it almost cost her her home Today.

Let's read more from the Business Insider of these Subprime Scams and how such a thing could happen to Mary and other Grandmothers...

Village Voice has the update of the Battle that was waged and how Mary Lee Wards Brooklyn Neighbors joined the Fight, drawing crowds and Media and Support.

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