Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Progressive Radio , Turn It On Folks !! ....Yup Enigma4ever has joined RadioLand on the Internet...Read Below...

So I have been listening to alot of Progressive Radio this summer, and am really inspired that this is a great way for progressive to talk to each other and connect and organize and educate each other. I am very hopeful that Radio can be the CrossRoads that unites Blogatopia and Twitterland, and becomes a powerful Progressive Tool.

I was amazingly fortunate to be asked to contribute to AWOP radio, which is a great show run by Kim (@awop) of A World of Progress Blog and Perry ( @mommapolitico) and her wonderful MommaPolitico Blog . These two women have a great show....( I was very lucky to be able to come on the show on July31st and talk about the Book, Silent Fallout. It was my very first Radio Interview about the book.) Kim in based in North Carolina and Perry is from California, it is great that I, stuck here by the Great Lakes can contribute to this endeavor and hopefully we can get Progressives talking and sharing. Also there is Leslie and Shelley and Nunzia who keep the show rolling and humming and are working hard on the Internet Website and other wonk wonders of getting Radio to flow...( And hey folks, you can call in to the Radio Show and talk about issues that are going on....be heard. Be a Progressive Voice.) Do see the LINK on the SIDE and you can click on Sunday Nights to listen in to the show.

Here is the Link to This Past Weeks Show that explains all about the Guests and some wonderful Music, A World of Progress Media Center has all the details and even Podcasts so you can hear the Show. ( Kim is really hooked in to some great Music, so if you know any aspiring Musicians do have them connect to her.)

A World of Progress has a radio show on Sunday Nights 7PM EST.

This past Sunday @AWOPradio Linda Leavitt of NOLA was on the radio show . Linda is known on Twitter as @whodat35 and she is a tireless inspiring NOLA/Gulf activist, you can read more about her efforts and work at , Gulf Coast Environmental and Health Coalition , where they are working hard to help so many in the Gulf. The Gulf one year after the Oil Spill is still suffering on so many levels , there is economic damage still, but there is also Health Damage. The Workers and residents are suffering from a wide variety of symptoms that need attention and focus. And of course BP thinks they have met their responsibilities, yet no one has truly stepped in to take care of the People who clearly have health damage directly related to the COREXIT dispersant and the Oil. ( Symptoms range from sinus and respiratory problems to Neurological /Nervous System damage. There are also people suffering from Depression and PTSD , mental health issues remain invisible and still in need of care. ) Linda in her interview carefully explained the symptoms, and also clearly described how the People are very much stuck in a bureaucratic Tug-Of-War between government Agencies and Corporations. There are no real winners in such a struggle. MSM has also moved on, so please do read up on the ongoing battles of the brave resiliant folks of the South.

This is the Podcast of the 8.7.11 Show and you can hear the Interview with Linda Leavitt. ( Also there is a review of the Mad as Hell Doctors ongoing work and Perry of Mommapolitico shares really helpful information about the S&P Downgrade as well as more insights by Robert Reich.

*** During the Interview with Linda Leavitt she mentioned the OP ED by Kerry Kennedy, that is really beautifully written, and hopefully the RFK Center will help the Gulf with the some of the growing Health Concerns.

**** Here is the Link to Robert Reich's Blog Post explaining all about the S&P Issue, that Mommapolitico carefully explained on the show. Really the best right up seen so far.****

So Folks do gather around the Radio on Sunday Nights and do Listen Up and call in if you want to update on Progressive Battles in your end of the World. Also do contact me and I can put you in touch with Kim or Perry if you know of some guests that should be on the show. And for those that have followed this blog for over 6 years please join me at @awopradio. ( You all know I am pretty shy , but in these Hard Times I do want us all talking to each other....).


MandT said...

What a great post! World of Progress is a great site and opportunity for expressing progressive values. I wrote a few things for their sister site, and am so glad that you have a voice there. Good work! Did I understand that your book is finished and out? Good on you! peace, MandT

Enigma4ever said...

oh thanks mandt...
really grateful for the support and they are wonderful -Kim and Perry both....

about the book Sept..;-)

{{I will keep you posted for sure..I hope all is well your way...}}