Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PreOrder Harry Shearer's The Big Uneasy on Amazon this Month

Here is the link to the PreOrder Amazon Site....Also he has a great Sunday Night Show. ( Le Show that is wonderful and you can listen to on Podcasts on his website, so I have linked that to the TITLE). For anyone who has wondered about New Orleans Recovery and worried has the Army Corp upgraded all the needed protections, do see his film. He did a tour this summer introducing this film and now you can get a copy for your own library....
August 16th Live now on Countdown Online: @theharryshearer on the riots in London, Murdoch-gate and his doc "The Big Uneasy". Harry Shearer is on with David Shuster talking about the Big UnEasy and much more.....
Required Reading.... From Harry Shearer
(1) read this letter from a whistleblower from inside the Corps that is a Must Read....chilling.
(2) More about the Army Corps that is a Must Read , and explains why it is the piece that must be understood and looked at closer.
(3) And this from Cal Berkley explains more
(4) And this from the DOT of Louisiana.
If you want to follow Harry Shearer on Twitter @theharryshearer and @TheBigUneasy

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